21 Facts About Negative Ions

There’s so much about negative ions that meet the eyes, science backed and proven facts about negative ions abound everywhere.

Best of all, these facts affect your health in a positive way.

If that’s correct, then you should know about them and also know how to get them working for your well being.

Truth is, negative ions promote your overall health and wellness.


What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are molecules with extra electrons.

You can’t see them; they are invisible to the eyes, they are also tasteless and odorless.

Plus, they are naturally created; radiation, sunlight and moving water create them and they are circulated through the air.

facts about negative ions

Negative ions are found in natural habitats like mountains, beaches, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and rocks, that quiet fresh soothing air that overwhelms you when you are by the sea side or mountain top is negative ions.

And it has great calming effect.

In short, negative ions effect is so soothing that it can help patient with insomnia sleep easily.

Plus, it has the power to calm nerves, that way it helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

The health benefits of negative ions are amazing.

Overall, negative ions have positive effect on the human body.

They are great for the body.


Why Do You Need Negative Ions

Since negative ion have calming effect on the mind, it is important to not overlook the effect it does have on the human mind and body.

Negative ions are another natural way for the body and mind to heal without the dangers of side effects as when you resolved to medications.

Negative ions can heal a depressed soul bringing light and life into the heart.

It is the natural cure for stress, depression and insomnia today. 


Facts About Negative Ions

There are several facts about negative ions:

facts about negative ions

1. Negative ions are natural.

2. It is highly concentrated in areas where there is natural clean air.

3. You can experience the feeling of negative ions in mountains, at waterfalls, beaches, oceans and lakes.

4. The pure serene beautiful feeling that you feel when you are on a mountain top is negative ion.

5. The beauty and serene feeling that comes all over you when you visit a waterfall is negative ion.

6. Negative ions can be stored. They are usually stored in devices like air purifiers, heating pads and saunas.

7. There’s abundance of negative ions after rainfall.

8. Even your shower is a source of negative ions. So you can get negative ion during and after a shower bath.

9. Negative ions have the ability to neutralize free radicals in the body.

10. Negative ions can revitalize and revive cell metabolism.

11. Negative ions enhance immune function and purify the blood.

12. Negative ions can bring balance into your nerves, thereby promoting good, sound and deep sleep.

13. Negative ions can aid healthy digestion.

14. Negative ions is a great tension and stress reliever

15. Negative ions are your best panacea for headaches

16. Negative ions are mood boosters; talk about SAD, negative ions can help you with it.

17. Negative ions aid you mentally

18. Negative ions is your best protection from allergies

19. Negative ions aid in detoxification.

20. Negative ions help protect against EMF. Better still, negation ion helps reduces the effect of EMF on the human body

21. Negative promotes overall health and wellness

Negative ions offers a lot for your health and wellness, we think the 21 facts about negative ions are enough to whet your appetite for negative ions


Negative Ions Emitter

There are several devices on the market that claim to emit negative ions, but we think the best conductors and emitter of negative ions are far infrared heating pads, saunas, mats and mattresses.

The reason is because most of these far infrared devices are embedded with tourmaline stone which is a great producer or generator of negative ions.

Another device that really stores and emit negative ion is air purifiers.

They are a good place to look for negative ions.

The thing about most infrared heating pads, sauna blankets, far infrared saunas and mattresses is that they emit negative ions.

The infrared technology is platted with negative ions.

It delivers this deep into the body in a far infrared therapy session.

So for all that you get, you must get an infrared heating pad and far infrared sauna that emit negative ions.

Yet, the best and most important benefit of negative ion is that it has the power to clear the air of airborne allergens like bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold spores.

Think about that.

This is why you must buy a far infrared heating pad and far infrared sauna that emit negative ion.

These facts about negative ions are amazing!


Health Benefits of Negative Ions

It will be well for us to consider in details some of the health benefits of negative ions in order to drive home the facts about negative ions listed above.

We know that negative ions have great health effects and found in natural habitats like beaches, mountains, sea sides and waterfalls.

Now, let’s see the many health benefits it offers.

1. Releases Tension and Stress

Through the calming effect of negative ions, they are able to relieve stress and tension.

And since negative ions are small, they are easily absorbed into the skin and blood stream to produced positive health effect.

This is why most infrared heating pads, saunas and mats that emit negative ions have been found to help with stress, anxiety and depression.

Thanks to the power of the tourmaline crystal embedded in these heated wraps, negative ions are naturally found in tourmaline crystal.

facts bout negative ions

2. Helps with Insomnia

The calming effect of negative ions can help with sleep. This is why many people fall asleep in an infrared sauna session, particularly one that emits negative ions.

Negative ions sooth the soul and mind, and relieves it of worries, stress and the natural result is deep sleep.

Thanks to far infrared technology that helps deliver negative ions deep into body’s deep tissues and organs-where it is mostly needed.


3. Mood lift and Balancing

Negative ions help with mood.

It has the ability to produce positive biochemical reactions in the body that results in creation of positive mood by normalizing the levels of serotonin.

In all, negative ions boost moods, producing an overall level of wellness and well-being.

This is why negative ions are natural antidepressants

It may even help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) since it is a mood booster.


4. Mental Alertness

Negative ions have the ability of increasing the flow of oxygen to brain.

When this happens, you feel more alert, creative and energized to go for more.

It naturally boosts mental efficiency and alertness.

This infrared sauna can help you with negative ions.


5. Protects from Allergies

Negative ions can help protect you against germs and particles in the air that causes allergies.

This is one reason why negative ions air purifiers are always in demand and are found almost in every home, hospital, offices and schools because it helps sanitize the air for fresh breath.

Infrared saunas with air ionizers and negative ion generator are able to help with allergies.


6. Body Balancing

Negative ions help to fight off the effect of EMF and balances out the body.

EMF radiation from exposure to cell phones, TVs and computers are found to be harmful, but negative ions help to balance them out.

Negative ions really work to forestall oxidation of free radicals; they help in the reduction of heavy metals, viruses, reduce harmful organism and pollutants and other elements that are harmful to the body.

That way, it helps to balance out the mind and the body.


facts about negative ions

7. Physical Performances

Negative ions help to improve physical performance in general.

They have a way to boost your energy and make you physically and mentally fit.


8. Helps to Reduce Headaches

Negative ions help with sicknesses and particularly with headaches.

You find that you come off from a far infrared therapy session and you are just fine and your headaches disappear.

This is because of the effect of negative ions.


9. Helps with Respiratory Disorder

Negative ions help to improve the function of the cilia in the respiratory tract.

The cilia help to protect your lungs from irritation and inflammation, that way cold and flu will become less of occurrence with you.

Plus, since negative ions help to relax the body and mind, it thus helps to normalize your breath, decrease blood pressure and even help to relieve tension.

Combined with far infrared, negative ions is one of the most ideal, far reaching and effective tension reliever

Facts about negative ions and their very many health benefits are amazing!


How You Can Get Negative Ions

There are so may way to get negative ions.

You can get it from mountains and seaside, you can get it from a shower bath (by the way, your shower is a source of negative ion).

facts about negative ions

You can get it after rainfall.

You can get it from negative ions generator air purifiers.

But the most effective way to get it fast and deep into the blood stream is through the far infrared wrap and saunas and also mattresses.

This is made possible through the far infrared ray that is master at delivering radiant and curative heat deep into the body.

And this accounts for the reason why most infrared heating pads, blankets and saunas have negative ions in them.

Thanks to the tourmaline embedded FIR heating pads and saunas, we found out that negative ions is naturally found in minerals like tourmaline and other crystal stones.

And through an infrared session, these negative ions are released 6-8 inches deep into your body’s deep tissues and organs.

The result is always amazing, good sleep, pain relief, mood balancing, fatigue, stress and tension relieve.

The list is endless.

So you stand a lot to gain with far infrared and negative ions.


Wrapping up

Facts about negative ions abound everywhere whether you know it or not.

And you can get negative ion in several ways, some of which we have mentioned earlier.

But what good will the facts about negative ions do you if you don’t actively go for it and savor in all there’s to it

Thanks to far infrared heating pads, mattresses and saunas that emit negative ions, so now you don’t necessarily have to travel to mountains and watersides for negative ions, you can have as much of negative ion through these devices.

Indulge yourself.

Health is wealth!

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