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Best Far Infrared Heating Pad for Knee {2020 Reviews}

Looking for best far infrared heating pad for knee and joint pain?

Knee injuries are common.

If you suffer from one and are looking for relief, the far infrared heat therapy might just be the way out for you.

To help you out a little, we have put together some of the best, I mean the very best far infrared heating pad for knee in the market, so that you won’t need to waste a lot of time trying to figure out which is which and what is what.

Here’s the list:  


Best Far Infrared Heating Pads for knee 2020: A Quick Glance

Check out our top picks on the best far infrared heating pad for knee in the table below. You can make your choice immediately or scroll further down to read the reviews and then make your choice right away.

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Review of the 8 Best Far Infrared Heating Pad for knee

#1. TherMedic PW150L Far Infrared Heating Pad (Multi-Function) 

The TherMadic PW150L Far Infrared Heating pad (made in Taiwan), comes fully kitted with 2-in-1 functions-hot therapy and brace support.

It braces are easy to use and help to deliver far infrared heat to targeted areas.

thermedic PW 150L, amazon

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Pros of the TherMedic PW150L Far Infrared Heating Pad:

  • Emits Low Electromagnetic waves
  • Comes with easy to use and free braces
  • Comes with 3 temperature settings
  • A 30 minute auto shut-off
  • It is CE and FDA certified

Cons: No obvious ones


#2. BriteLeafs Far Infrared Heating Pad—BriteLeafs Far Infrared Therapeutic Rechargeable Cordless Pain Relief Heating Pad / Heating Wrap – Cordless , Rechargeable , Portable , Heat Lasts 2 – 3 Hours (24″x8″)

The BriteLeafs Far Infrared Heating Pad is a safe and simple to use heating pad.

It is cordless, portable and rechargeable.

With its far infrared heating design, it enables users to use lower heating temperature which penetrates deep into the affected areas bringing soothing and lasting relief.

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  • Comes with flexible Velcro straps
  • Comes in 2 temperature settings: high and low
  • Can be used at home and in office
  • Delivers far infrared heat
  • Safe and simple to use

Size: 24 by 8 inches

Cons: No obvious ones


#3. Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad – Platinum, All Purpose

The Thermotex Platinum infrared heating is designed to provide targeted infrared heat therapy to affected areas of the body.

It comes in 3 flexible elements and Velcro straps. The Velcro straps help to isolate the injured area for treatment.

And since it uses the far infrared technology, it heat penetrate way beyond the surface of the skin deep into the bones, muscles and nerves.

Its pros:

  • It uses the Far infrared technology
  • It is all purpose
  • It is powered by electric socket
  • Comes with Velcro straps
  • It has 3 separate heating elements for flexibility and versatility.
  • It is convenient for travel
  • It machine washable
  •  Uses 36 watts of power

Treatment area: 15” x 17”

Cons: No obvious cons


#4. Carbon Fiber Heated Knee Wrap Pad Sleeve Electric Heating Pads Far Infrared Heat Therapy Wrap For knee Arthritis Rheumatism Varicose Veins Joint Pain Relief

The Carbon Fiber Heated Knee wrap is ideal for knee pain and injuries. It delivers far infrared heat through carbon fiber.

It helps to stimulate blood flow in and around an affected area.

With its USB interface design, it can be connected and use where there is any USB port.

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  • Comes in high quality OK fabric
  • It is carbon fiber heated
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Comes with USB interface design
  • Emits far infrared heat

Size: 10 * 30 inch

Cons: No obvious cons

NB: This product is currently unavailable at Amazon.com


#5. Perfect-Prime HP09XX, Far Infrared (FIR) Mobilized USB Wrap Heating Pad, 3 temperatures Control with USB cable

The Perfect-Prime HP09XX, Far Infrared (FIR) Mobilized USB Wrap Heating Pad works with the principle of the far infrared radiation to deliver curative heat deep into the body.

The far infrared heating pad uses a USB cable so you can use it wherever there is a USB port available.

With 3 heat setting button controller, you can set temperature to any level you want.

Better still, this far infrared heating pad is of low power energy consumption.

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  • Delivers far infrared heat
  • 3 heat setting controller-high, mid, low
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dryer free
  • Super fine Japanese heating wire
  • Maximum safety without radiation
  • Heats up very fast
  • 5V/1A power bank, adapter and USB powered system

Dimension: 67 cm x 26 cm

Cons: Not obvious


#6. Bio relief Far infrared Amethyst & Tourmaline Heating Pads – Flexible Electric Heat Pad – relief for painful knee joints- relief severe Joints and muscle pain – arthritis relief natural treatment.

The Bio relief Far infrared Amethyst and Tourmaline Heating Pad is ideal for relief of painful knee joints. It provides natural therapy which helps to heal painful areas naturally.

This flexible heating pad which helps can be wrapped around knee, and other affected areas-arm, elbow, legs and elbow.

Embedded with natural Amethyst and Tourmaline healing stones this far infrared heating pad delivers negative ions which helps to eliminate joints and soft tissue pain.

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  • Come with adjustable temperature control and timer
  • It is embedded with Amethyst and Tourmaline natural healing stones
  • Flexible and portable heating pad
  • Delivers negative ions
  • Usable anywhere at home and in office
  • Comes with 1 year warranty against malfunction
  • Can target specific pain area

Cons: No obvious ones

NB: This product is currently unavailable at Amazon.com


#7. HealthyLine | Far Infrared Heating Pad | Negative Ions | Stone Therapy | Relieves Sore Muscles, Joint & Arthritis Pain | Natural Healing Stones Jade & Tourmaline | 50 2” Pieces

The HealthyLine far infrared Heating Pad is a healthy alternative to medicine and a proven effective solution for knee pain.

It works with the principle of the Far infrared ray which is able to deliver curative heat deep into the tissues, muscles and bones in the affected area.

It is embedded with natural Jade and Tourmaline. These stones are able to provide pain relief.

More so, the healing properties of these natural stones provide additional health benefits like boosting of the immune system and improve heart functions.

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  • It comes fitted with natural Jade and Tourmaline infrared heating stones
  • It is EMF free
  • Emits powerful negative ions
  • Comes with a built-in shut off timer
  • It is FDA registered
  • Comes with a LED temperature controller
  • And a 1 year warranty

Size: 32” x 20”

Cons: No obvious ones


#8. VIKTOR JURGEN Heat Knee Brace Wrap – Heated and Vibration Massage Knee and Joint Pain Relief Wireless Massager

The VICKTOR JURGEN’S Heat Knee Brace Wrap combines the green benefit of bamboo charcoal and the Jade stone to provide long last therapeutic far infrared heat.

With its adjustable wrap around knee brace and Velcro strap, it is easy to isolate and focus on a particular area.

This rechargeable and portable heating pad is easy to use, and it is wearable and workable on the go-you can use while busy with other things.

Plus, this is not just a heating pad but also a massager.

It both heats and massage at the same time.

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  • Operates on the principle of far infrared
  • Comes with an adjustable wrap around knee brace
  • Comes with Velcro strap
  • Comes with 3 simple control buttons for easy use
  • It is rechargeable and portable
  • It is knitted with Jade stones
  • Heat up to its maximum in 10 minutes
  • Power consumption is 12W
  • And 110-240V power source

Cons: No obvious ones

NB: Product is currently unavailable at Amazon.com 


Our recommendations in brief

Far infrared heating pad promises a host of health benefits.

The list of the best far infrared heating pad for knee is certainly more in number than the number we have above, but we have carefully examined these ones and think that they will be good for you.

They enjoy good customer ratings and review on Amazon which is proof that they can be trusted to deliver on their promise.

We also know that some (not all) of these infrared heating pads work best with some pain relief cream. These pain relief cream make for quick and fast recovery. You would do well if your get the recommended cream if your choice of the best far infrared heating pad for knee is one that requires the aid of pain relief cream.

Penetrex is one of such a good pain relief cream. You may have to add (it) Penetrex cream to your cart and list of purchase.

It is an amazing pain relief cream.

Again, a lot of the heating pads are budget friendly and quite affordable, so you can quickly make your choice.

>>Click here to read our detailed review on the best far infrared heating pad for neck and shoulders.

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