Can Far Infrared Sauna Kill Covid 19? Yes, No!

Today, we want to consider a very important question that borders on your survival in these hard and uncertain times: Can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?

The world is faced with one of its worst nightmares in history, the aftermath of the novel coronavirus will be something you and I will have to live with for many years to come.

Everything has changed and a lot more will.

Your way and manner of life, your business and work life, economies of nations, your daily routine and mostly your social relationship is never going to be the same again.

You probably know better than I do.

That said; let’s look at the question before us: can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?


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Far Infrared Sauna and Viruses

can far infrared sauna kill covid 19Infrared sauna temperature is capable of killing viruses.

That’s a fact.

But wait a minute, do you mean to say that far infrared sauna can kill Covid 19!

Now, that the world is looking for ways to curb and to ultimately cure the pandemic, some of us who know the benefits of far infrared are thinking and asking; can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?


Hard question!

We think the answer to the question is a YES and a NO!

Here’s what we know about far infrared sauna and viruses.


Far Infrared Sauna Kill Viruses

can can far infrared sauna kill covid 19No doubt far infrared saunas are antiviral – they have the ability to kill viruses and bacterial by way of high temperature.

We know that far infrared sauna temperature is hot enough to kill Covid 19, there’s no second guessing that.

And here’s the thing; according to a recent research, the novel coronavirus will die within 15-25 minutes at temperature of 56 degrees Celsius (that is 132 degree F). Plus, the virus will die in less than 2 minutes at 65 degrees Celsius (that is 149 degrees F).

Note, the virus thrive and is very active at low temperatures.

So can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?

Well, let us see the temperature level of the far infrared sauna before we conclude.

The average far infrared sauna uses a temperature of 120 -140 degrees Fahrenheit. While the coronavirus die at 56 degrees Celsius (that’s 132.8 degree Fahrenheit).


So Can Far Infrared Sauna Kill Covid 19?

If the information above is correct, then the far infrared sauna can kill coronavirus.

And let us not even talk about traditional saunas that use temperature range of 150 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit

That’s to say that traditional saunas will dried up the virus in less than 60 seconds.

So again, can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?

Based on the points above, yes, far infrared saunas can kill Covid 19.

But that’s only if the virus is still in your skin, cloths and hands.

But the moment the virus (and every other virus) has gotten into your lungs, far infrared sauna can no longer kill it. Just forget it.

So, far infrared sauna can only kill viruses (coronavirus and other viruses) only when the virus has not gotten into you.

So that means regular far infrared sauna session will help protect you against the imminent infection of the virus.



Can Far Infrared Sauna Kill Covid 19?

can far infrared sauna kill covid 19From the forgoing, you already know the answer to the question.

But we think that whether far infrared sauna can kill Covid 19 or not, there’s something the far infrared sauna will help you with that will make you able to stand against any virus any day of anytime.

Here’s what to remember; the far infrared sauna can help boost your immune system.

This is a fact.

Ongoing researches have proven that people with strong immune system are well able to resist or ward off the coronavirus and every other virus.

On the other hand, people with compromised immune system are more susceptible to the virus.

People with weak immune system and those with underlying and existing health problems like diabetes, pneumonia (and other respiratory diseases that inflame the lungs), cardiovascular problems…are prone to viruses and will most likely die of Covid 19.

This is why you should pay more attention to strengthening your immune system than the virus itself.

And thanks to the good old far infrared sauna.

It can help boost and strengthen your immune system.

And that’s just one of the very many health benefits of the far infrared sauna.


Infrared Sauna to Boost Immune System

can far infrared sauna kill covid 19 If what you should be concerned about is how to boost your immune system, then let us see how far infrared sauna can help you with that.

Now, first do not forget that you have a lot more to do to boosting your immune system than just doing your sauna.

You have got to eat well, sleep well and also exercise.

But, apart from eating well, far infrared sauna can help you with good sleep, and will make up for your exercise.

Sure, a 30 minute session in your infrared sauna is equal to 30 minutes workout or exercise.

So you see infrared sauna has a lot more ways to help you boost your immunity to virus and bacteria.


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How Does Far Infrared Help Boost Your Immune System

1. Far Infrared is therapeutic; it helps to raise your core body temperature which is a way your body immune system naturally responds to viruses and bacteria.

So raising core body temperature (artificial fever) helps boost your immune system.

2. Another way the far infrared sauna helps to boost your immune system is by stimulating the production of white blood cells which is your body’s natural way to fight against viruses and bacteria.

So the production of white blood cell helps boost your immunity.

3. Through perspiration, infrared sauna helps to reduce and if not completely eliminate toxins from your body. And when toxins are eliminated from the body, your immune system is bolstered to resist viruses and diseases.

So a body free of toxins is strong on immunity.

can far infrared sauna kill covid 194. Studies have shown that one of the human body’s immune system responses to coronavirus is the production of heat shock proteins. The heat shock protein creates openings in the human body in a bid to eliminate the virus.

The good news is that far infrared sauna help to create heat shock proteins in the body which also bolster the immune system.

5. Far infrared sauna radiant heat also helps your cell to increasingly produce energy for the blood.

Truly, far infrared sauna helps to boost and strengthen your immune system, and you need strong immune system now like never before to fight off the coronavirus.


Avoid Things That Destroy Your Immune System

We want to quickly add that there are some things you need to avoid in your quest to boosting your immune system.

Just to mention:

1. Sugar: Avoid excess sugar; it destroys body’s immune power

2. Insomnia: Though insomnia may be a symptom of a more critical underlying health issue, it is best to find good sleep and better still to work at sleeping well if your immune system will stay strong.

But did you know that far infrared sauna can help you get good sleep?

3. Stress: To bolster your immune system, you have to stay away from things and situations that cause stress and pressure – both mental and physical stress.

Pro tip: Watch your relationship with your spouse!

The fear of Covid 19 is enough stress on its own so avoid things and situations that may add to your stress.

But the good thing is far infrared sauna can also help you with stress.



Diet and Supplements

can far infrared sauna kill covid 19We did mention earlier that good food and good sleep and exercise help boost immune system.

Of course we also noted that far infrared sauna can make up for good sleep (induces deep and restful sleep) and exercises too.

If that’s correct, your focus now should just be two things: good eating habit and far infrared sauna.

The combo of these two is all you need to bolster a rock solid immune system that can resist any virus.

While we will not go into specific food type, we will just mention in a jiffy some food category and supplements that provide adequate nutrients to your immune system.

Add these diet to your regular sauna session (and of course stay safe) and you are going to stay strong and healthy in the midst of any viral pandemic.

1. Vitamins: Vitamin A, C, and E

2. Minerals: Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium

3. The sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D (this is a big one)

You can supplement all these if you don’t have enough of them in your food.

And the good news is that supplements are available everywhere.


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Far Infrared Sauna Vitamin D

can can far infrared sauna kill covid 19Now, if you look closely, you will see that we separated between Vitamins A, C and E and the vitamin E.

The vitamin E is called the sunshine vitamin.

And the best natural source for it is the sun.

So exposure to the sun gives you adequate vitamin E to bolster your immune system.

But what happens if you live in regions where temperature is low and weather is humid with little or no sun!

How are you going to get this essential vitamin for the boosting of your immune system?

The far infrared sauna which is radiant heat (heat from the sun) makes this readily available.

Now, you see why you cannot do without a far infrared sauna at this time!

With the far infrared sauna, you have your vitamin E on the go, at your beck and call.

Woo! Thanks to the far infrared sauna innovation!

Truth is, the Vitamin E (also known as the sunshine vitamin) helps bolster immunity like no other.

And when immune system is bolstered, you can readily prevent coronavirus.

So can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?

Yes and No!



Covid 19 Prevention Best Practice

In order to stay from being infected by coronavirus, there are some practices that must now be a way of life and routine for you.

1. Stay home, stay safe: This is the first practice. Stay safe. And one way to stay safe is to stay at home

2. Wash your hands frequently: You must frequently wash your hands under running water and with liquid soap for at least 20 second and avoid touching your face, nose and mouth with unwashed hands: This practice kills viruses faster.

3. Use face mask: If you have to go out, then wear your face mask. Protect yourself and protect others

can far infrared sauna kill covid 194. Eat well: To not compromise your immune system, you have to eat well and supplement your diet as much as you can if need be.

5. Exercise: Exercise helps your immune system by raising core temperature. A 30 minute walk (around your house) or a workout on your treadmill will do.

6. Sleep well. Sleep help to bolster immune system. So try all you can to get adequate sleep daily. Far infrared sauna can help you with sleep.

7. Reduce stress: Stay away from things, situations, places and people that cause you stress. Stress is injurious to your health.

8. Practice social distancing: Always stay 2 meters away from the next person.

9. Wash your face wipes and handkerchief regularly: Always wash your handkerchief and avoid wiping your face and sweat with unwashed handkerchief.

10. Practice good respiratory hygiene: Always cover your nose and mouth any time you cough or sneeze.

11. Do your Sauna: To help your immune system stay in good shape against any virus, you must not forget your regular sauna sessions.

Best of all, sauna sessions can make up for physical exercises and can help you with good sleep and reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety also.



Wrapping up


We have said a lot. And as it stands today, there no cure yet for the novel coronavirus.

But our question still remains; can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

Far infrared saunas have temperatures that can kill coronavirus.

So that gives a yes to the question of ‘can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?’

But that is only possible when the virus is still your skin, cloths, hands and surfaces.

But when the virus has entered into the lungs and the person is infected already, far infrared sauna will no longer be of help.

That again answers a ‘no’ to the question of ‘can far infrared sauna kill Covid 19?’

A lot you know!

But one thing is certain; you stand the better chance of being protected from the virus if you regularly do your sauna.

Your immune system is bolstered!

That’s a plus for you.

So have you done your sauna today?

Please share if you find this post helpful; sharing is caring!

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