Electric Heating Pad vs Infrared Heating Pad

best far infrared heating pad for back pain

Electric heating pad vs infrared heating pad. Which is better? There’s a contest on the market for pain relief products; electric heating pad vs infrared heating pad. But which is actually better? Let’s see.   Heat Therapy Heat therapy has come a long way. It dates back to ancient Greeks and Egyptians. It has gone through … Read more

Jade, Amethyst Crystal and the Tourmaline Stone

far infrared amethyst mat

The Jade, amethyst crystal and the tourmaline stone are distinctive of infrared heating pads, saunas and blankets. The stones – Jade, amethyst crystal and the tourmaline stone are embedded in these health products. These stones naturally conduct infrared ray. They also emit negative ions These stones account for one of the major differences between infrared … Read more

What Is Low EMF? {On Your Infrared Device}

what is low EMF

Our focus today is on low EMF; what is low EMF, to be precise! These days where infrared therapy is one of the major ways to naturally relief pain, lose weight and detoxify, it will be important that you are sure that the EMF levels of these devices are low and of safe exposure level. … Read more

Best Far Infrared Heating Pads {2021 Buyer’s Guide and Reviews}

best far infrared heating pads

Far Infrared heating pad is becoming more popular and helpful as more and more people are beginning to realize the immerse benefits it has over and above the conventional regular electric heating pads. People are careful not to end up with more complications like cancers, skin burn, EMF radiation… in their attempt to seek relief … Read more

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