Durherm Portable Infrared Sauna Reviews (Lowest EMF Portable Sauna)

The Durherm portable Infrared sauna is about the best low EMF infrared sauna on the market.

It is actually reputable for having the lowest EMF as far as portable far infrared saunas are concerned.

If you ever use far infrared saunas or if you have just catch up with the fancy and craze and the health benefits of infrared saunas, then you are just right on-time to finding out about Durherm portable infrared sauna.

Unlike many other portable infrared saunas on the market, the Durherm infrared sauna is large enough for you if you need extra room for your legs and of course it is small enough too to be clean, put away and stored after use.


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Review of the Durherm Portable Infrared Sauna 2021

So, let’s get to it and see what the Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna has to offer.

#Durherm Infrared Sauna, Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Indoor Sauna

The Durherm portable infrared sauna has same features as some of the most expensive saunas on the market.

It is high quality far infrared portable sauna with exclusive beneficial features.

The sauna unit comes with 3 hi-tech super conductive heaters and also an ultra thin fiber heating element that are made from tourmaline.

For time setting, the Durherm sauna is designed with setting range from about 5 to 60 minutes in a session.

And sure enough, you can increase the time with 5 minutes when you think you have not had enough in a session.

Same way, you can decrease the time by 5 minutes if you are already saturated and are ready to stop a session sooner than you earlier planned.

Good for you….the choice is all yours.




Plus, it also has a surface temperature on the heat panels that is increasable with 9 degrees.

The surface temperature on the heat ranges from 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

And you don’t want to miss your TV time because you are having a session, no, not with a portable sauna like Durherm.

With its satisfying design, your head and hands can extend out for reading, watching TV, listening to music and even reading and replying to your email in your ipad, tabs or mobile phone.

Fun, right!

But wait a minute!

What about EMF?

Truth is, this thing is almost EMF Free; it is just between 5-15 MilliGauss, 200 to 600 times lower than any other far infrared carbon sauna heating panel on the market right now.

You can check for EMF with this EMF meter.



Features of Durherm Portable Infrared Sauna

The Durherm portable infrared sauna has the following desirable basic features:

Tough Material

The Durherm Portable Infrared Sauna cover is made of satin polyester and a zipper…a fabric-lined enclosure.

This material is hard, tough and enclosed enough to be able to hold and contain the heat in the sauna.


Negative Ion

The Durherm portable sauna emits negative ions.

Negative ions are found in high concentration in natural environments like rivers, mountain, rocks, waterfall….that sweet free and refreshing natural clean air that engrosses you when you are by the sea….is negative ions.

And it is good for the human body.

It has curative calming ability.

The good thing is that science has been able to harness that wonderful refreshing clean air with all its calming, refreshing and healing ability into saunas and other things.

You enjoy Negative Ions with the use of the Durherm infrared sauna.


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Durherm portable infrared sauna has gained reputation as the best portable infrared sauna with the lowest EMF on the market right now.

Low EMF levels will normally be below natural background reading levels.

As for Durherm portable infrared sauna, its level of EMF range from 5-15 milligause.

This is very low compared to other sauna brands on the market…..200 to 600 times lower.


Heated Footpad


The Durherm infrared sauna comes with a heated footpad.


This heated footpad can be controlled via a remote control which also comes with the sauna.


Tourmaline Panels

The Durherm portable sauna unit comes with 3 hi-tech super conductive heaters and ultra thin Tourmaline panels made in Japan.

Of course, you know that tourmaline is a semi precious crystal stone that is reputable for its super ability that promotes the detoxification of the human body.

Plus, the tourmaline emits negative ion and is a super conductor of the far infrared waves.


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Time and Temperature Settings

The Durherm sauna also comes with time and temperature setting that you can adjust at will.

The time setting range from 5-60 minutes and you can increase or decrease it with 5 minutes.

The temperature settings range from104 to 140 degree Fahrenheit and you can also increase this with up to 9 degree.


Remote Control

The Durherm sauna unit also comes with a handheld remote control with which you manipulate all its functions at your own will.


There’s nothing manual here…it is all digital.


Free Chair

This sauna unit also comes with a canvas sports chair that is particularly perfect for the inside of a portable sauna.

So you don’t have to go shopping for a chair differently….the sauna comes packed with all primary functional accessories for the go.



The size of this sauna is large….it is built for people of all sizes, weight and height.

But if you are really big and have broad shoulders, you were the one in mind when this sauna was discerned…you will certainly like the fact that this sauna will fit your size perfectly.

Plus, you have enough free space for your legs to move around in the sauna.


Washable Neck Collar.

Another beautiful thing about the Durherm portable infrared sauna is that it comes with a neck collar that is washable and cleanable.


of course, after you have sweated, you would like to clean your sauna, the areas of the neck can be tough to wash in cloths let alone in this tough satin material of the sauna.

Yet, the Durherm portable sauna is designed to allow for washing of collar.

Great stuff!



This sauna affords you the best of comfort.

You can enjoy reading your books, watching TV, even working on your ipads, tabs and or mobile phones during a session in this sauna since your head and hands can extend out for any of such things you want to do.

Just be sure you have your TV or Radio set remote control with you…of course there a pocket in the sauna where you can keep all your remote control before and after use.



The Durherm infrared sauna can be set up anywhere in the house…in the living room, bedroom. Balcony…and best of all you can travel with it anywhere in the world and continue to have your sauna session at will.

Thanks to portability innovation!


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The Durherm portable infrared sauna is also laden with copper.

Copper is a necessity for the body.

It provides nutrient that keep the body strong, going and healthy.

The duo of copper and iron enable the body to form red blood cell, maintain healthy bones and blood vessels.

It also helps to stimulate the nerves for proper functionality.

The Durherm sauna is laden with copper.

What’s more!


The Durherm Portable Infrared Sauna Specifications

This unit is called the Dif-5000 copper sauna model (large size)

It comes with:

  • A wired handheld controller
  • A far infrared integrated heated footpad
  • A canvas sports foldable chair
  • A handheld Timer and Temperature controller
  • A washable neck collars
  • A foam pad
  • For power, it uses AC 110-120V, 60H@
  • Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 33 x 41 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds



Customers Rating and Scores

No doubt one of the best portable infrared sauna on the market, unarguably the best portable infrared sauna with lowest EMF, the Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna has 82 customer reviews at the time of this writing.

Plus, it enjoys a whooping 4.2 star score rating out of possible 5 at the moment.

But that’s not all.

The best part is 72 percent of customers (58 out 81 at the time) will recommend the Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna to their friends and family.

This thing, I mean this sauna is good.

You will not regret having it.


Customers Opinion

The Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna enjoys a lot of customer feedback and satisfaction on Amazon.

A lot of them have been helped with chronic illness like Lyme disease through the use of this sauna.

It is also great with detoxification according to customers report.

But the very thing that stands out among customer that has use the Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna, is the fact that it is really very low on EMF.

It has between 5-15 MilliGauss, whereas most other portable saunas on the market have more.

You will even be shocked that the natural and man-made EMF in your house is higher than 15mG.

You can check for EMF with the Trifield TF2.

It’s a good EMF meter.


Caution: There are few notable complains that you must not disregard if you want to get this sauna unit.

1. The chair might not be comfortable, at least for some people it is not.

2. Be careful with the zipper, it may break sooner than you expected.

Just make sure you jealously guide and handle it with care.



There’s a second option in the Durherm Low EMF Portable Infrared Sauna brand that you may want to look at.

#Durherm Infrared Sauna, Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Indoor Sauna with Chair and Heated Footpad, Brown, Large



It’s a good one too.


Health Benefits of infrared sauna

To assure you some more about what the Durherm portable infrared sauna can do for you, ….and in case you don’t know as yet, ….here are a few health benefits you get with the use of infrared saunas.

Far infrared sauna blankets:

1. Promotes perspiration: We know that sweating is good for the body this is because toxins leave your body when you sweat.

What you sweat in a 10 minute session in a Gizmo sauna blanket is equivalent to a 30 minute walk.

2. Helps you loose of Calories: Infrared sauna session will help you at least 500 calories in a 30 minute session

3. Helps flush toxins and heavy metals out of the body: You practically sweat out these toxins and heavy metals.

4. Stimulates and promotes antibody: Infrared sauna helps to stimulate and promote the body’s natural ability to fight infections, viruses and bacteria. You lose common cold through the use of infrared sauna

5. Increases metabolism: Infrared saunas stimulate and speed up metabolism and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

6. Helps with weight loss: Infrared sauna detoxifies and burns and melts excessive fats fast and safe. This results in thin body.

7. Improves blood flow and circulation.

8. Helps to clear skin of all form of impurities…this is why professional SPA, salons and even homes use it now.

9. Helps to promote quick recovering after exercise.

10. Helps with skin rejuvenation, regeneration and healing.

11. Is great for relaxation.

12. Helps with pain relief from back pain, arthritis, lyme disease, sore muscles and joints

13. Helps to heal deep tissue by supplying them with oxygen

14. Helps in opening up nasal passage for free flow of breath

15. Can help with cardiovascular problems.

16. Helps to reduce stress and fatigue because it produces deep relaxation. You may even fall asleep in a sauna session.

17. May also help to reduce cellulite if not completely eliminate it.

18. Helps with high blood pressure.

19. Helps with rheumatoid arthritis

20. Improves body constitution and boosts energy.

21. Improves and boosts body immune system and help to prevent growth of cancer cells

22. Relaxes muscle spasms.

23. Is great in winter and cold season.

24. Helps with detoxification thus promoting clear and glowing skin.

25. Is also found to help combat acne by supporting the body’s own detoxification.

26. Quickens Lipolysis: It removes excessive fats from your tummy, waist, hip, arms and legs.

27. Acts as physical therapy for Myalgia and Neorosis.

28. Diminishes inflammation.

29. Helps with sleeping disorder.

30. Brings feelings of wholeness, health and wellness.

This list of the health benefits of infrared sauna and more….is enough to convince you that you really need infrared sauna at your convenience….the portable infrared sauna!


Wrapping up

In our opinion, the Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna is your best buy when it comes to portable infrared saunas.

Plus, it has low EMF…something that every human should be concerned about.

And you would certainly get the help you need with this sauna….let it be pain relief, detoxification, loss of calories, feelings of wellness and wholeness….you will have it all.

Whatever your need, you will find help with the use of this amazing portable infrared sauna-Durherm Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna (Dif-5000 copper sauna model, large)

But in case you like the steam thing, you may want to check out the Durherm Portable Personal Therapeutic Spa Home steam sauna weight loss and slimming detox.

This one is great for slimming detox and weight loss

All the best!


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