Electric Heating Pad vs Infrared Heating Pad

Electric heating pad vs infrared heating pad. Which is better?

There’s a contest on the market for pain relief products; electric heating pad vs infrared heating pad.

But which is actually better?

Let’s see.


Heat Therapy

Heat therapy has come a long way.

It dates back to ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

It has gone through several evolution.

It has gone from almost direct application of fire (fire contact) on an affected area of the body to the use of hot objects, and then to thermal bath, mud baths and lots more.

Today, we keep having new innovations in heat therapy with advancement in technology.

But the trend is electric heating pads and the very newest innovation in the market-the infrared heating pad.

The question many people are asking today is which is best between the electric heating pad and the Infrared heating pad.

But is there really any significant difference between the two?

Why should you prefer one to the other?

Let us see.


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The Case with Electric Heating Pads

Electric heating pads are wonderful but here are some things you should know about them.

1. Heat via Carbon fibers (coils)

Electric heating pad generate heat via carbon fibers (electric heating coils). A lot of our mechanical and electrical fittings are made of carbon fibers.

Though carbon fiber has some many good, it has to work with some other metals and elements to be most efficient.

But the electric heating pad stops at the level of carbon fiber.

2. Heat penetrates 2-3 mm

The electric heating pad heat the surface skin level, and that’s all there is to it.

It only penetrates 2-3mm into the skin surface.

But most pains are actually far beyond the skin level.

3. EMF radiation is high

The issue of overall health in the long run is important.

Electric heating pad has high level of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and do not emit negative ions.

EMF is not good for the body.

It causes a lot of health hazard-after effect problems.

4. Un-sustained pain relief

With the electric heating pad, pain is relieved only in so far as you are in a session. But the moment you turn off your pad, pain comes back just immediately.

5. Skin Burn

Because electric heating pad heats surface skin only, many users suffer skin burn. That means electric heating pad is not so safe for use.

You may come off it with skin problem-another health issue entirely different from what you were trying to cure.

You do not want a heating pad that will cause you serious health problems afterwards


The Case with Infrared Heating Pads

Infrared heating pad is wonderful and an improvement on electric heating pad. It is a step ahead of the regular electric heating pad in very many ways.

Here’s why I said so:

1.Though infrared heating pad may use electricity, but it does not generate heat through electricity. It generates heat through natural stones embedded in it.

Most infrared heating pads feature far infrared heat and negative ions delivered via natural stones (as Jade, amethyst, Tourmaline) and carbon fiber heating elements.

It works with the technology called far infrared radiation to deliver heat to the deepest parts of the body.

The Jade, Amethyst and Tourmaline stones; infrared heating pad generates heat through these gem natural gem stones embedded in it.

And these stones have curative powers.

2. Infrared heat penetrates up to 5 cm deep into the body.

The heat from an infrared heating pad traveling on the technology of far infrared penetrates up to 5cm deep into the body.

You can practically feel the heat in your bones and marrows. It reaches to the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, all the internal parts of the body lifting it to a state of life and vitality.

3. Pain relief up to 6 hours after treatment.

You can enjoy 6 hours long of pain relief after a session of an infrared heat therapy. That’s quite a lot compare to the electric heating pad.

You can even get complete relief from pain in the long run after a good number of sessions with the infrared heating pad.

4. Increase blood circulation and detoxification.

Apart from relief from pain, the infrared heating pad does a lot more.

There are several other health benefits like increase blood circulation, detoxification, weight loss…that comes with the use of infrared heating pad.

It is just way beyond pain relief.

The overall objective of the infrared health therapy is total well-being.

5. No EMF.

Infrared heating pad is safe to use and only emit safe levels of EMF, plus negative ions in addition to the health properties of the embedded stones.

That’s an awesome thing, you know!

Every of our electrical device emits EMF, the infrared heating pad does too, only that it is minimal EMF, safe enough to not cause you health hazards – not up to the level of your handset or mobile phone.

Think about that.

The fear of coming up with serious health problems after use is completely removed.

Thanks to the infrared technology.


Electric Heating Pad vs Infrared Heating Pad

We have seen the case with electric heating pad vs infrared heating pad.

So from the aforementioned, we can conclude that the infrared heating pad is advancement in heat therapy, a step ahead of the regular electric heating pad.

It has more health benefits compared to electric heating pad.

Your overall welfare is planned and put into consideration by the manufacturers of the infrared heating pad.. The inventors of the infrared heating pad technology have your total well being in mind.

The infrared heating pad delivers far infrared heat which helps the body in a lot of ways than the electric heating pad.

Embedded with natural gem stones and emits negative ions, health and wellness is attainable.

Whatever your choice, the best is good for you.


Better Ways of Doing Things

Electric heating pads have been around before infrared heating pad.

A lot of after health effect were not put into consideration at the invention of the electric heating pad. That is not to say that electric heating pad is bad.


But things have changed.

Today, inventors and manufacturers put a lot of factors into consideration before a product is introduced to the market.

Questions that bother on side effects are much more in the hearts of users. Manufacturers are aware of that and they try to make sure that side effects in the use of any product are reduced to the barest minimum if not completely eliminated.

The point is, overall health and total well being is the goal today and not just remote cure of a particular ailment.

Even doctors and scientist are looking for better ways to treat terminal diseases like cancers such that the after effects of the treatment on the patient will not be another health concern altogether at the end of the day.

This is just the way things should be.

We should get better and embrace better and harmless ways of doing things. That should of course include much more the issue of health.


Wrapping it up

We have just seen the case with electric heating pad vs infrared heating pad  But the very newest trend is infrared heating pad. And it is good.

And what about checking it out?

What about trying out an infrared heating pad so you can share your own user experience and tell the difference?

>>Read our detailed article and review on infrared heating pad

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