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Looking for a renowned far infrared amethyst mat store?

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Amethyst crystal is one of the several natural healing stones that are embedded in infrared mats.

And the thing about amethyst crystal is that it has curative powers that bring soothing calming effect to the mind relieving it of stress, fatigue and depression and of course joints, muscles and arthritis pain relief.

The health benefits of the amethyst crystal are intriguing; we’ll talk about that later.

But first, let’s look at some online stores that stock the far infrared amethyst mat.

These far infrared amethyst contains several pounds of 100 percent natural unpainted and untainted amethyst crystal.


Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Store (Top Online Stores)

Now, let us go back to our topic on far infrared amethyst mat store.

There are several far infrared amethyst mat stores online and offline, but we will limit ourselves to the most reputable online stores on the market.

So let’s check them out.

#1. Amazon.com

The first and most notable far infrared amethyst mat store online is Amazon.com.

Though Amazon itself does not produce any of these mats, yet it stocks a great number of far infrared mats from notable manufacturers.

That is not surprising since Amazon is the largest online retail store in the world.

Amazon stock of the far infrared amethyst mats brands includes but not limited to:

Medicrystal far Infrared Amethyst mats

Charmed far Infrared Amethyst mats

HL Healthyline far infrared Amethyst mats

Bio amethyst far Infrared mats

Ereada far infrared amethyst mats

The brands that Amazon stocks are enormous but the ones listed above are the best notable and top rated brands.

These far infrared amethyst mats by Amazon come in different sizes, colors and layer s of designed and more.

And they contain several pounds of 100 percent natural amethyst crustal.



#2. Medicrystal.com

far infrared amethyst mat storeMedicrystal is an established far infrared amethyst mat store that offers different types and sizes of far infrared amethyst mats.

Medicrystal far infrared mats contain good pounds of 100 percent natural unpainted amethyst crystal.

And most of Medicrystal mats are 100 amethysts.

That is to say, the mats only contain amethyst crystal and nothing else (no other stone).

If you really want to enjoy healing from pure 100 percent only amethyst mats, then the Medicrystal mats are your best choice.

Truth is, Medicrystal mats are some of the best far infrared amethyst mats on the market, mostly embedded with amethyst crystal stones and they also produce negative ions

Plus, the Medicrystal mats (mini mats and full body mat) come with advanced zero EMF heating system for EMF protection.

Their mats have EMF level of less than 2 mG.

You can authenticate that fact using this EMF meter.

Medicrystal also offers non electric far infrared amethyst mat pillows.



Tip: Read our detailed review of 100 percent far infrared amethyst mat by Medicrystal.


#3. Charmed.com

far infrared amethyst mat storeCharmed is another far infrared amethyst mat store that offers pure natural amethyst mats on the market.

Though Charmed offer a variety of far infrared mats and products, but specifically, they offer far infrared mats that are embedded with pure amethyst crystal.

These mats also produce and emit negative ions from the embedded amethyst crystal.

Charmed mats combine far infrared technology with the healing power of the amethyst crystal stone to deliver therapeutic heat for pain relief.

So if you are particular about pure amethyst far infrared mat, the Charmed far infrared Mats may be the best mat for you.

Plus, the Charmed far infrared amethyst mats are reputable to be ultra low EMF mats, the lowest on the market.



Tip: Read our detailed review of Charmed far infrared amethyst and tourmaline mat.


#4. Healthyline.Com

far infrared amethyst mat storeHealthyline is another established and renowned far infrared amethyst mat store online.

Healthyline is acclaimed to offer high quality far infrared amethyst and PERF mats on the market today.

They have over 100 models of these mats on the market, plus dozens of different controllers to help you manage your mats.

Some of Healthyline mats contain 100 percent natural amethyst crystal in some good quality pounds.

It is important to mention that Healthyline mats are most always embedded with Jade, Tourmaline, Amethyst and Obsidian stones.

Some of Healthyline mats too contain not just only the four stones above but also another stone called Agate

And most of Healthyline far infrared mats come with EMF advanced filtration system and extra EMF blocking layers for EMF Protection.

Healthyline is diverse on heat therapy; they have Far Infrared Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Negative Ions Therapy, Photon Light Therapy and Magnetic Therapy.

Healthyline also offers the rainbow far infrared mat called Chakra mats for balancing chakras with Negative ions and PEMF.

Chakra mats are also yoga infrared healing mats that help to heal the body and enhance spiritual life.

Chakra comes embedded with about 7 natural stones like the Amethyst, Sodalite, Agate, Aveturine, Carnelian, Jasper and ….



Tip: Read our detailed review of far infrared amethyst, Jade and tourmaline mat by Healthyline.


#5. Ereada.com

far infrared amethyst mat storeEreada is another well established far infrared amethyst mat store on the market.

The Ereada mats are stock on Amazon under the brand name Bio Amethyst.

Ereada offers diverse infrared therapy just like Healthyline.

They offer PEMF mats for PEMF therapies and also offer Red Light Photon Therapy mats.

Most of the time, the Ereada infrared mats are 3-in-1, that is they are offer far infrared therapy, PEMF and Photon Light therapy all in one mat.

Of course, the Ereada offers far infrared amethyst mats – some of the best on the market.

And these mats are majorly two:, the Brown color far infrared amethyst mats and then the Purple far infrared amethyst PEMF and Photon Therapy mat.

Sure enough, these infrared mats are EMF free; or least emit safe EMF level.

Ereada, also offers far infrared amethyst mat pillows.



Tip: Read our detailed review of the Ereada 100 percent far infrared amethyst mat.


Best Far Infrared Amethyst Mats From Amazon Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Store

Just for mention in this post, we think it will be wise to help you with the best far infrared amethyst mats on the market in case you’re on your way to making a purchase.

You need to be guided aright, you know, so that your purchases will just be on point, excellent and un-regrettable in the long run.

Here are the best four (4)

These mats contain pounds of 100 percent natural amethyst for your health and wellbeing.


#1. Medicrystal Far Infrared Mat (midsize (59 x 24)

The Medicrystal Far Infrared Mat is an 18 layers system containing thousands of untreated, unpainted, 100 percent natural purple amethyst crystal….the best you can find in the market.

Plus, it produces negative ions which when combined with the amethyst and far infrared heat does wonders in relieving chronic pain, insomnia, stress and depression.


If you have any deep seated stress related issues, the Medicrystal Infrared Mat is what you need to heal.

And in case you are wondering about its EMF level!

This far infrared mat comes with EMF Free Heating System with overheat protection.

Its EMF level is less than 2 mG.

The Medicrystal far Infrared Mat is in our opinion the best far infrared mat on the market based on customer reviews, rating and EMF rating.

With your digital control for heat and time setting, you are sure going to have the best of sessions with the Medicrystal Infrared Mat.


Customer Rating and Scores

At the time of this writing, the Medicrystal far infrared mat has 220 customer reviews on Amazon.

Plus, it enjoys a whopping 4.7 stars score rating out of possible 5 at the time



#2. Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst Mat (59”L x 24”W)

The Ereda far infrared amethyst mat is no doubt a good place to look when you are considering infrared therapy.

This heating mat comes embedded with 20 pounds of 100 percent natural untreated non painted tumbled purple amethyst crystal.


This thick layer Amethyst mat releases far infrared rays and negative ions for body and mind cure.

It is equipped with 7 different levels of 86-158F double silicon EMF free titanium heating system and a smart digital controller to set your favorite heat level and time.

That means among other things that this far infrared heating pad blocks harmful EMF radiation by featuring EMF Free grounded titanium heating system.

Indeed a 15 layer system that emits far infrared heat and negative ions!

It comes in a 59 x 24 x 2 inches size and 29 pounds.


Customer Rating and Scores

The Ereda far infrared amethyst mat has 95 customer reviews at Amazon at the time of this writing.

Plus, it enjoys a 4.3 stars score rating out of possible 5 at the time.



#3. Healthyline Far Infrared Amethyst Mat (60 x 24 inches)

Though not 100 percent amethyst, the Healthyline far infrared amethyst mat is worth the mention in our list of the 4 best far infrared amethyst mats.

The Healthyline Far Infrared Amethyst mat comes embedded with 9 pounds of natural amethyst, 1 pound of tourmaline and 1 pound of natural Jade stone….these stones have their own unique benefits.


These stones combined with far infrared radiation deliver deep soothing therapeutic heat to the body for pain relief.

Plus, it produces and emits negative ions which help to stimulate blood cells in the brain that makes for stress, fatigue and depression relief.

What’s more, this infrared mat features an advanced filtration system with extra EMF-blocking layers for EMF protection.

Of course, you have a smart digital controller too that helps you set time, set and regulate temperature and also set auto shut-off settings…all in one deal.


Customer Rating and Scores

The Healthyline Far Infrared Amethyst Mat is a leader too in the far infrared mat world.

It has 62 customer ratings at Amazon at the time of this writing.

Plus, it enjoys a whopping 4.7 stars score rating out of possible.



#4. Charmed Far Infrared Mini Heating Mat Pad

Again, this mat is not 100 percent amethyst mat, but contains enough of amethyst to be mentioned here.

The Charmed far infrared mini heating mat pad is a mini heating mat pad embedded with Amethyst and Tourmaline stones.

This mat features a 17-layer construction containing 6.5 pounds of natural amethyst and tourmaline crystal stones.


Perhaps the most comfortable and soft infrared mat on the market, the Charmed Infrared Mat delivers far infrared heat that reaches 5 – 8 inches deep into the body.

This far infrared mat is great for stress relief, increase body metabolism and circulation, rheumatism, lyme disease and even fibromyalgia.

You will have no way to say NO to this pad if you try it.

And what about EMF!

The Charmed far infrared mat produces almost zero EMF radiation because its multi-wire heating system is protected by Teflon and copper netting, that way eliminating all EMF exposure.

You are safe here.


Customer Rating and Scores

The Charmed far infrared mini heating mat pad is in our opinion one of the best far infrared mat on the market embedded with amethyst crystal.

It is EMF protected and uses pure amethyst to generate and delivers therapeutic heat by way of far infrared radiation.

At the time of this writing, the Far Infrared Mini Heating Mat Pad has 168 customer reviews on Amazon.

Plus, it enjoys a whopping 4.5 stars score rating out of possible 5 at the time.




Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Benefits

far infrared amethyst mat storeWe think it will be wise for you to acquaint yourself with the amazing health benefits of the far infrared amethyst mat.

The Amethyst gem delivers on a lot of health benefits.

Foremost of them is stress relief and cure for insomnia.

When combined with far infrared radiant heat and negative ions, far infrared amethyst mat delivers many health benefits…in so many ways.

Here are a few of them:

1. Boost Immune System

One of the primary health benefits of the amethyst crystal is the boosting of immune system.

Through the principle of far infrared, combined with negative ions, the amethyst strengthens body’s immunity system such that it can fight off aliens.


2. Help with Pain Relief

Far infrared amethyst mats help with pain relief.

When the body is heated with the far infrared heat by way of amethyst, the heat goes to stimulate increase in blood flow to pain areas, and when blood flow increases in pain areas, oxygen is released to that part of the body so it can natural fight off pain.


3. Helps with Increase in Blood Circulation

Of course, the far infrared heat goes 6 to 8 inches deep into the body stimulating every deep tissue and organs.

This heat naturally raises body’s temperature resulting in increase in blood circulation.

far infrared amethyst mat store


4. Help with Stomach Disorder

Amethyst crystal has a way of helping with disorder in the digestive system.

By way of the far infrared heat, the soothing and calming effect of amethyst and negative ions react on the digestive track clearing it of all uneasiness.


5. Eases Mental Anxieties, Stress and Depression

One of the beautiful things about amethyst crystal is that it has the ability to activate certain cell in the brain that helps the mind to relax leading to anxiety and stress relief.

The chemical reactions and stillness of the amethyst and negative ions on the mind natural brings the body to a state of rest and deep freedom.

This is why a lot of people fall asleep during an infrared therapy session.

And when they wake up, they just discover that they have been relieved of tons of headaches, anxieties and fatigues.


6. Helps with Relaxation and Comfortable Sleep

If you have problem with sleep, the amethyst crystal is the best natural cure.

The infrared mats embedded will amethyst crystal while at the same time releasing negative ions make for relaxation and comfortable sleep.

This thing has a calming effect on the mind that results in restful, comfortable, trouble-free sleep.

far infrared amethyst mat store


7. Helps with Stiffness and Tension Relief

Amethyst combined with far infrared and negative ions help to reduce and even relieve stiffness in joints, waist, knees, ankles and other parts of the body.

Even arthritis pains are being relieved with the far infrared heating mats.


8. Helps with Cell Regeneration

Science has proven that increase in far infrared heat can help to increase energy level in the body.

And when energy level in the body is increased, there is possibility of the growth of healthy cells.

If not anything, far infrared helps to charge and recharge body cells.

This is where PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Force) therapy comes in


9. Helps with Mood

The amethyst is great with mood boost.

The stone has been known to do this even from ancient times.

far infrared amethyst mat store


10. Inhibit Bacteria Growth

One of the benefits of amethyst far infrared mat is its ability to inhibit growth.

This is the reason why many studies are been carried on today on far infrared and cancer.

Photon therapy is particularly instrumental in treatment of skin, and it works just by way of stopping the growth of cells that are the direct cause of acne and wrinkles, while on the converse activating the growth of new healthy cells.


11. Helps with Healing of Wounds

Far infrared radiant heat promotes repairs of skin tissues that have been otherwise damage through surgery.

This is true with the case of patients with diabetes – since diabetes hinders the healing and recovery of wounds and cuts.

The far infrared ray helps with this case, it supplied the body with energy to repair itself and heal from deep wounds and cut in spite of diabetes.


What Is A Far Infrared Amethyst Mat?

Amethyst is a great conductor of the far infrared radiant heat.

Far Infrared Amethyst mats are the latest comfortable, harmless and flexible innovation in heat therapy.

These mats are made of soft high quality nontoxic natural material that makes it comfortable to lie on, sit on or wrap around a body part.

These mats generate radiant heat through amethyst stone reputable to have healing properties, and through the principle of the far infrared radiation (light spectrum that is invisible to the eyes), the mats deliver this heat about 8 inches deep into the body’s deep tissues resulting in sweating, pain relief, stress relief and even detoxification.



Plus, the amethyst mats also produce and emit negative ions which then cause a reaction in the blood and brain that makes the body to natural cure stress and fatigue.

The point is, far infrared amethyst  mats help to boost body’s metabolism and activate body’s endorphin so it can natural rise to the occasion and cure itself from whatever pain.

These mats though use electricity to run, just requires low electricity voltage to power them through a controller.

The heat generated by the mats is not through electricity but through the amethyst stone and far infrared.

Point is, far infrared amethyst mat is designed to help you with pain relief and other mental problem using the principle of the far infrared radiation.

Today, these mats are designed with EMFs safe exposure level in mind.

This is why you find a lot of them come with ultra low EMF, not enough to harm you.

That said.


How Far Infrared Mats Works

Far Infrared heating mats work on the principle of far infrared radiation and technology.

When put on, a heating mat generates and delivers far infrared heat from embedded healing stones (like Jade, amethyst and tourmaline stones) in the mat and delivers this heat 8 inches deep into the body.

The heat then works to increase blood flow to pain areas, that way the body’s natural healing power is activated to heal itself.

The results; pain relief, reduction in inflammation, natural sleep and…


Plus, since these mats produce and emit negative ions, these negative ions go to cause biochemical reactions in the blood cells that helps to relieve tension, stress, depression and fatigue.

The same goes to improve flexibility, metabolism, boost immune system and in the long run makes for deep sleep naturally.

So you not only receive help with pain relief (from the stones), you are also help with stress, fatigue and depression through the negative ions.

So when you are using a far infrared mat, you are actually helping, activating and quickening your body immune system and endorphin to rise to the challenge of curing the body naturally.

It is really the best natural drug free pain relief you’ll ever get around…the best heat therapy for that matter.


How To Use A Far Infrared Mat

To use a far infrared mat, lay the mat on a flat surface, then plug the mat controller into an electrical outlet.

Then use the controller to choose the temperature you want and then set to an exact degree

As the stones heat up, they will release far infrared rays and negative ions 8 inches deep into your body tissues.

The far infrared heat, natural stones and negative ions all go into your body to activate it to heal naturally.

This results in pain relief, stress and fatigue relief, depression relief and more.

Sure enough, you can use these mats on bed, on the floor, on massage table….

You can take it from one place to another because they are travel friendly and…..you can sleep on them overnight on low temperature.

You have the flexibility of temperature levels; high, mid or low…and you can sleep with a low one all night without any health danger.

That’s fine since most of these mats are low EMF units.



Wrapping up

Right, we have been able to help you with more than just far infrared amethyst mat store information that you are looking for.

We have helped you with almost all you need to know about amethyst crystal, the mats, what they are, its health benefits, the best amethyst mats on the markets and also how to use them.

So you have complete information and guide on far infrared amethyst mat store and uses.

What’s more?

Equipped with the information guide in this post, we are sure you will have the best of use with your far infrared amethyst mat when you get.

So go get one and come share with us how the far infrared amethyst mat has helped you in the long run.

All the best!

Please share if you find this post helpful; sharing is caring!

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