health benefits of infrared heating pad

12 Health Benefits of Infrared Heating Pad

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There are lots of health benefits of infrared heating pad.

The use of infrared heating pad for pain relief is becoming popular and accepted by a lot of people.

This is because it delivers on a lot of health benefits.

I mean plenty of health benefits that is worth every cent that you spent in purchasing one.

Now, I think you might just want to take a look at some of them.

We have put a number of the health benefits of infrared heating pad together in this article for your pleasure.

Now, let’s take a look


12 Health Benefits of Infrared Heating Pad

The following are the health benefits of infrared heating pad:

1. Pain Relief

I have never met anybody who is comfortable with pains. Of course pain is proof that something is wrong with your system (body).

One of the major concerns in our world is how to get rid of pains.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies come up with additions every year to the multiplied number of pain killers and relievers that we already have. Yet, none of them seem to provide a lasting solution, not to talk of the many side effects of those drugs.

Thanks to the infrared ray!

Thus, the first and main benefit of infrared heating pad is that of a drug free pain relief.

This means that you do not need to take pain killer anymore.

No need to abuse drugs anymore.

With an infrared heating pad, you have a natural, safe and effective pain reliever at your beck and call, ready and available at all times.

So, is it any wonder that physical therapists, chiropractors, athletes and sports trainers recommend this treatment!

Infrared heating pads ensure effective pain relieve with no side effects.

2. Detoxification

Every one of us needs detoxification.

Every now and then we need to clear our body of toxins.

And though there are several ways to detoxifying the body (most of which are harmful), the natural way of detoxification is best.

Infrared ray is one of such natural ways.

Can you believe that infrared ray therapy can even help clean the liver and kidney? And it does much more.

When the infrared ray penetrates the body with deep heat, it increases blood circulation which results in sweating.

With the deep sweat, your body and its vital organs are detoxified of toxins, all kinds of toxins.

Heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, nickel and arsenic are sweated off your body system.

You are practically clean and rid of metals and elements that are harmful to the body. By the way, these metals may have been in your body a long time.

Yet infrared heating pad through the ray (infrared ray) it conducts helps to sweat out those hidden but deadly toxins and poisons as you emit sweat from your body, particularly from the treated area.

You may not believe that infrared ray can detoxify the body of chemicals that are fat soluble, chemicals that have hard time coming out of your body.

It is amazing what infrared heat does to your body.

That’s not all; the infrared heat also rid your body of alcohol, cholesterol, nicotine, sodium and sulfuric acid.

health benefits of infrared heating pad

3. Relaxation

Statistics have it that most Americans are losing their rest.

Economic downturn, foreclosures, family and marriage breakdown, failed business and lots more have brought loads of unrest on the majority of Americans.

You will not believe that 75 to 95 % of Americans that visit primary care physicians actually do so for stress related purposes.

Our brains and bodies are hut by constant stress.

But if one wants clear thinking, he needs to relax. This is so because it is only clear thinking that can actually change a person’s situation.

How can one make good judgment if he is not able to relax!

Yet the ability to relax is important for optimal and high class performance in any endeavor.

Truth is, under the infrared heating pad and therapy, and particularly an infrared heating mat, you will find a kind of relaxation, one that affects your subconscious mind.

You come out from under the infrared heat therapy and it’s like a thousand pound and tone of load have just been rolled off you.

Your body, and mind in particular relaxed to a soothing analgesic-infrared heat therapy.

It has become common occurrence that many people sleep during an infrared session.

And when they come out of their sleep, when they wake up, they wake to a whole new world with a whole new mind, soul and body.

Just one infrared session is all you need to tell the story.

4. Weight Loss

Do you want to shed some pounds and burn excess calories? The infrared heat is a great stop for you.

If you are actually considering weight loss, the infrared ray therapy is a good pick for you.

During an infrared session, the heat penetrates down to the inner most parts of the body even down to chemicals that are fat soluble. And then it breaks down those fats, and the fats then pass through sweat out of the body.

Infrared heat speeds up the breakdown of fats and cellulite, such that one infrared session will do for you as far as weight loss is concerned what a 30 minutes jugging will not necessarily do for you.

Infrared heat therapy keeps you healthy and in top shape.

5. Skin Rejuvenation

Collagen helps to replace dead cells in our bodies. It is collagen that gives our skin strength and elasticity.

Collagen is protein found in muscles, tendons, bones, skin, blood vessels and digestive system.

An infrared session stimulates the activity of a cell called fibroblast cell in the body.

This fibroblast cell when stimulated increases the production of collagen and elastin in our body.

When collagen increases its production, you can be sure that your skin will increase in elasticity and then your skin will be toned.

Collagen is the protein responsible for that.

Infrared ray enhances it.

While collagen helps plump the skin, elastin helps firm the skin.

The duo is skin rejuvenation.

The aged are rejuvenated under infrared ray.

I know you would want to remain young, look young and be youthful.

The infrared ray can make you look 50 when actually you are 70.

You may also need to know that collagen reduces stretch marks also. Thanks to its stimulant-infrared ray.

6. Improved Circulation

Infrared ray penetrates the muscles, tissues, nerves, ligaments and tendons. When it does, it increases the flow of blood which then repairs worn out muscle tissues and ultimately rejuvenate it.

Infrared is very important in sport.

It is one of the best cures for muscles problems and issues.

And of course heating muscles with infrared ray is similar to exercise. It produces the same effect-blood circulation.

7. Muscular Benefits

When muscles are tight and tensed, the body is restless and somewhat uncomfortable.

But if you have an infrared heating pad at home, all you need do is to heat up your muscles using the infrared heating pad and then when your muscle is relaxed, the body becomes relaxed too, the pressure in the body and tension will be gone completely.

Research shows that 30 to 40 percent of a healthy person’s body mass is made up of muscles-skeletal muscles (640 plus muscles altogether).

I think that explains why tensed muscle means tensed body and relaxed muscles means relaxed body.

health benefits of infrared heating pad8. Increases Flexibility and Reduces Joints and Muscle Pain

When the joints are stiff and muscles tensed, the infrared heat can sooth it.

Joints that were set gradually gives way to flexibility and then muscle pains dissipate.

Infrared heating pad is particularly discerned for the muscle and it’s just the natural right panacea for all types of joints and muscles pains, disjunctions and dysfunctions

9. Clears cellulite

Cellulite makes your skin dimpled and lumpy in appearance. It majorly affects the hips, thigh and buttocks. It is common with women

The far infrared heat can be used to treat it.

When the infrared heating pad is used on a cellulite affected area, the far infrared heat goes deep down into the water and toxins trapped beneath the skin that results in cellulite and then breaks down those lump of fats and clears the body of the cellulite.

10. Reduce swelling and inflammation by improving the flow of the lymph system.

Far Infrared heat helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. It does this by improving the body circulation system.

Sweating in a far infrared session causes the body circulation system to improve, that in turn helps to reduce swellings and inflammation.

11. Stimulates cellular and enzyme activity

Heat naturally stimulates enzyme activities in the body.

A decrease in temperature causes a decrease in cellular and enzyme activities in the body, but with the deep penetrating far infrared heat from an infrared heating pad the body temperature is raised, this then results in the stimulation of cellular and enzyme activities.

Stimulated enzymes can help fight cancers.

It is not surprising therefore why low enzymes level and cancers and always almost found together.

12. Promotes Overall Health and Wellness

In all, the benefit of infrared ray is overall health and wellness.

In whatever way you look at it, infrared is for complete wellness.

Infrared heating pad is so discerned to meet every of your need.

There is an infrared heating pad for neck pains, there is the one for shoulders, there is the one you can wrap around your waist for waist pain, there is the one for joints and ankles …all parts of the body.

And we have even an infrared heating mat that can embrace and heat you from head to toe.

At the end of it all, total and complete wellness is what you get when you turn to infrared-infrared heating pads for the relief of all your pains-body, soul and mind.


Health Benefits of infrared Heating Pad in the long run

The health benefits of infrared heating pad are quite interesting.

Pain relief, skin rejuvenation, detoxification…, everybody benefits one way or the other.

The benefits are worth it in the long run.

What’s left is for you to get an infrared heating pad and then go ahead to enjoy your infrared session as often.

Even if weight loss or pain relief is not your goal, yet you can still enjoy one way or the other one of the health benefits of infrared heating pad. Yours may just relaxation.

The health benefits of infrared heating pad is all encompassing, it is total health and wellness.



There’s so much to gain with the use of infrared heating pad. The health benefits are just awesome-health and beauty.

Come to think of therapeutic heat focus and delivered to pain areas of the body by way of the far infrared radiation-deep far cleansing and healing heat. This is to me is the climax so far in heat therapy.

You can avail yourself of the many blessings that the far infrared heating pad provides.

It certainly does a lot of good.


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