How to Clean Infrared Sauna Blanket Yourself

No doubt you have been enjoying your sauna blanket, but are you not wondering about how to clean infrared sauna blanket yourself?

If that’s your concern, then this post on how to clean infrared sauna blanket is for you.

You will agree with me that your sauna blanket is always drenched with sweat after every session.

Of course, this device was made to make you sweat in the first place, but after your session, you have got to clean so as to keep bacteria off, keep from offensive smell and have your blanket stay in good shape.

You may risk bacterial infection if you do not regularly clean and disinfect your sauna blanket.

And if you run a SPA, you have got to have clean healthy blankets to cut the favor of your clients.


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The Wonder of Infrared Sauna

how to clean infrared sauna blanketA whole lot of health benefits come with the use of infrared sauna; pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, blood circulation, slimming, anti aging and more, and if you have been using a sauna blanket for whatever health benefit, we trust you are having the best of time.

Truly, the world is just beginning to catch up with the many health benefits of far infrared sauna.

And when these devices come blended with negative ions and natural healing stones, then what you get as far as health benefits is amazing.

You can never loss with infrared sauna blanket.

Only just be sure that your sauna wrap is a low EMF sauna blanket.

That way, you are good to go without standing the risk of health hazards.


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How to Clean Infrared Sauna Blanket

how to clean infrared sauna blanketTo clean your sauna blanket, you will need the following items:

1. Water

2. Pure white vinegar (vinegar is great for bacteria prevention and it is also works to get rid of stains and odors. Plus it is 100 percent safe and harmless)

3. Spray bottle (perhaps, you already have one in your house)

4. Paper towel (this is readily available too)

When you have these item ready, then you are good to go on how to clean infrared sauna blanket yourself.

5. Essential oil (this is optional, but it will help give pleasant odor on the inside of your sauna)


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Steps to Cleaning Infrared Sauna Blanket

Now, let us see to the practical steps to cleaning your sauna blanket.

1. Turn off your sauna unit and completely unplug it from electrical sockets.

2. Allow it time to cool off but not completely (you don’t clean while hot but best to clean while warm or tepid)

3. Make a solution of vinegar and water (a mix of 3/4 pure vinegar and 1/4 natural pure water)

4. Pour your vinegar-water solution into your spray bottle and

5. Spray the inside of the sauna blanket and then wipe with your paper towel (you may want to spray your solution on your paper towel instead of spraying your blanket directly and then wipe to clean)

6. In case you want to use, essential oil, add a drop to water, mix together, then soaked a piece of cloth or towel in the water, squeeze to remove excess water from the towel, and then wipe the entire blanket with your damped or wet towel. (You will like the pleasant smell of your sauna blanket afterwards)

7. Lastly, allow your sauna blanket to dry completely (this is important, otherwise, mold will grow in the blanket if not properly and completely dried)

8. Fold and carefully store away, ready for another sauna session.


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Sauna Cleaning Best Practice

how to clean infrared sauna blanketThere are things to do use (listed above) but there are substances you must never use to clean your sauna blanket:

1. You must never clean with bleach or chemicals, they are toxic.

2. You must use pure water and distilled vinegar to clean.

3, You must completely air dry your sauna blanket before storing it away.

4. You must by all means clean your sauna blanket by yourself if you want to keep and enjoy your investment for a long time.


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Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Blanket

how to clean infrared sauna blanketPain relief: Far infrared increases blood flow to pain areas of the body, that way energy is supplied to these pain areas and pain relief and cure is the result.

Weight loss: Far infrared sauna help burn calories from body, this way, you are on your path to losing weight. Daily sauna session is equal to 30 minutes of daily walkout.

Detoxification: Use of sauna blankets can help you detoxify, this is because heavy metals are broken down in your body and sweated out, resulting in detoxification.

Blood circulation: One of the beauties of far infrared is enhanced and improved blood circulation. This is your best antidote to cold.

Slimming: Infrared sauna blanket can help with slimming and keeping fit.

Anti aging: Infrared sauna blanket with near infrared and photon therapy functions are great with anti ageing.

Heart Health: Infrared sauna has been found to help with heart problem.


Winding up

There are no hard and fast rules to how to clean infrared sauna blanket, the steps and tips shared above are all you need to take any time you want to clean your infrared sauna blanket.

And we recommend that you clean after every session if you run a SPA or clean once in a week if it your sauna is all used and enjoyed personally by you and you alone.

This way, you will disinfect your sauna blanket and keep it clean from stains and odors.

We hope you will find these tips on how to clean infrared sauna helpful.

And now that you know firsthand how to clean infrared sauna blanket, why not go do it now, go clean your sauna blanket now, it only take few minutes to clean.

Stay clean to stay healthy.

All the best!

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