21 Proven Infrared Mat Benefits (For Health)

Infrared mat benefits are amazing.

A lot of people are finding help with infrared heat therapy mats.

And there have been several scientific studies and discoveries that prove that infrared mats are indeed beneficial to the overall health and well being of individuals.

Now, before we delve into this post on infrared mat benefits, it will be well for you to know what infrared mats are and by what principle they operate.


What Is An Infrared Mat?

Infrared mats are the latest comfortable, harmless and flexible innovation in heat therapy.

These mats are made of soft high quality nontoxic natural material that makes it comfortable to lie on, sit on or wrap around a body part.

These mats generate radiant heat through embedded stones like the Jade, amethyst, tourmaline and obsidian stones (stones reputable to have healing properties) and through the principle of the far infrared radiation (light spectrum that is invisible to the eyes), the mats deliver this heat about 8 inches deep into the body’s deep tissues resulting in sweating, pain relief, stress relief and even detoxification.

Plus, these mats also produce and emit negative ions which then cause a reaction in the blood and brain that makes the body to natural cure stress and fatigue.


The point is, infrared heating pads and mats help to boost body’s metabolism and activate body’s endorphin so it can natural rise to the occasion and cure itself from whatever pain.

These mats though use electricity to run, just requires low electricity voltage to power them through a controller.

The heat it generated is not through electricity but through the stones and far infrared.

Point is, infrared mat is designed to help you with pain relief and other mental problem using the principle of the far infrared radiation.

Today, these mats are designed with EMFs safe exposure level in mind.

This is why you find a lot of them come with ultra low EMF, not enough to harm you.


Infrared Mat Therapy

Infrared mat therapy is the use of infrared mat to deliver therapeutic heat to deep tissues of the body mostly for the purpose of pain relief.

It is a way to treat pain through these mats operating through the principle of far infrared heat and aided by natural healing stones and negative ions.

That is the original purpose of therapy.



But today, infrared mat therapy has gone way beyond pain relief, it can be used for stress and fatigue relief too.

It can be used for the treatment of depression.

It can help to increase blood flow and even cause perspiration resulting in detoxification.

This is a seeming harmless way to treat pain and other health related problems – far infrared heat.

That said.

Now the top 21 infrared mat benefits.


Infrared Mat Benefits (Top 21 Health Benefits)

Science has proven that Jade, Tourmaline and Amethyst stones in particular have curative powers.

These stones have been known in ancient time to help with several human maladies.

But thank goodness that today we are beginning to discover again the power of these stones to heal and to cure.

Combined with far infrared and negative ions (produced by the stones too), we have enormous infrared mat benefits.

But we want to bring it down to 21, the top 21 health benefits of infrared mat.

Here’s is the list:

#1. Infrared Mat Promotes Perspiration

If you live in cold weather environment like Alaska, you will no doubt value heat and sweat.

Raising body temperature helps to fight off diseases and ailments in the body.

A session in an infrared mat will help to raise your body temperature leaving you with sweat.

And don’t forget that when you sweat, your body releases toxins which are detrimental to your health.


#2. Infrared Mat Stimulates and Promotes Antibody

The thing about infrared mats is that the far infrared heat that goes deep into the body deep tissues and organs helps to stimulate and promote the body’s natural ability to fight infections, viruses and bacteria.

Infrared mat session helps to stimulate body’s endorphin…which then goes to quicken body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This is why infrared heat therapy is a drug free pain reliever.


#3. Infrared Mat Increases Metabolism

Another benefit of infrared mats is its ability to stimulate and speed up metabolism and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

You may never know everything about infrared mat benefits, but if you want to help your body’s cell to keep living and keeping you alive, heat through infrared mat is a great way to do that.


#4. Infrared Mat Helps to Improves Blood Flow and Circulation

Top on the list of infrared mat benefits is the ability for these mats to improve blood flow and circulation.

Medically, increase in blood flow to pain areas is the body’s natural way to relieve pain.

Infrared therapy through an infrared mat helps to get this done.

This is why infrared mats are great for pain relief.


#5. Infrared Mat Helps to Clear Skin of All Form of Impurities

A lot of infrared mat have PEMF and photon therapy functions in addition to amethyst crystal and negative ions.

With PEMF and photon therapy, infrared mats help to deal with most impurities like wrinkles, cellulite and acne in the body.

This is why professional SPA and salons love and use infrared mat.

Check out this far infrared mat with PEMF and Photon Therapy function on Amazon


#6. Infrared Mat Helps to Promote Quick Recovering after Exercise

Top of the list of infrared mat benefits is its ability to promote quick recovery after a great deal of exercise.

You just turn on your FIR mat and lay on it to see how quick you recover from the strains of exercise.


#7. Infrared Mat Helps with Skin Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Healing

A lot of the time, professional SPA use infrared mat for beautification and anti-aging treatment.

Infrared mats with photon therapy functions help to regenerate the skin.

Of course, the complete dose of a photon therapy is rejuvenation, regeneration and healing.


#8. Infrared Mats are Great for Relaxation

You want to really relax, it is best with an infrared mat.

Far infrared heat combined with amethyst crustal and negative ions delivers deep soothing relaxation for your mind and body.


Check Amazon for this far infrared amethyst and tourmaline mat for soothing relaxation


#9. Infrared Mats Helps with Chronic Pain Relief.

Foremost among infrared mat benefits is pain relief.

Whether it is back pain, arthritis, lyme disease, sore muscles and joints, infrared mats are tailored to bring long lasting relief.

A lot of people have found relieve from pain with the use of infrared mat.


#10. Infrared Mats Help to Heal Deep Tissue by Supplying them with Oxygen

One thing traditional heating pads cannot do is that they can’t deliver heat deep into the body.

They only heat skin surface and that’s about all there is to it.

But far infrared mats and pads are able to deliver deep therapeutic heat 6 to 8 inches deep into body tissues and organs.

And with embedded stones like Amethyst and Jade, combined with negative ions, these deep tissues are supplied with oxygen that stimulates the body to heal itself.

Infrared mat benefits are just amazing!


#11. Infrared Mat can Help with Cardiovascular Problem

Studies have shown that far infrared ray (of course which infrared mats help to deliver to the body) can help with heart problems.

In short, this study shows that patient with heart problem significantly improved overtime after several session of far infrared therapy through infrared mats and pads.

Heat is also one way that the heart heals.

Did you ever realize that the Chinese drink hot water and tea all the time-during meal, before going to bed and first thing in the morning?

This is so because heat helps the heart to function properly and normal.

The far infrared heat helps much more.


#12. Infrared Mats Help to Reduce Stress and Fatigue.

Stress is a mental issue that a lot of us are having to deal with.

But the amethyst crystal has natural ability to stimulate brain cells that help to relax the mind and alleviate stress if not completely eliminate it.

So a session in an infrared mat not only relieves of pain which is only body deep, but also relieves stress, fatigue and depression which are all in the soul and mental realm.

Watch it, you may even fall asleep in an infrared session, don’t worry, that’s its way of relieving you of stress and fatigue.

Check out this far infrared amethyst mat on Amazon for stress and fatigue relieve.


#13. Infrared Mat Helps to Improves Body Constitution and Boosts Energy

A session of infrared therapy lives you with energy and invigoration.

We will not stop to mention that the stones in the mats (amethyst, jade and tourmaline) are great mood and energy boosters.

So coming out from a far infrared therapy session will leave your body, mind and mood boosted and improved.

You just feel good with this thing.


#14. Infrared Mats Improve and Boost Body Immune System and Help to Prevent Growth of Cancer Cells

One of the things that far infrared ray combined with Jade and Amethyst stone do is boosting of immune system.

These stones have a way of stimulating the body bringing it to a new level of strength where it can fight every form of aliens in the body.

Studies have shown too that infrared therapy has a way to preventing cancer cells from growing.

You cannot be having infrared sessions if you are a cancer patient and not have the cancer growth stunted.

Far infrared ray has a way to forestalling unusual growth of cells in the body.


#15. Infrared Mat Helps to Relax Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are common occurrences.

It happens to both young and old but especially with athletes.

One of the ways to treating such muscle contraction is through heat.

Heat will stimulate blood flow to the contracted muscle which will bring about relief.

This is where infrared mat comes in – it delivers focus heat to muscle contractions resulting in relief.

Muscles spasm relaxation is also top of the list of infrared mat benefits.


#16. Infrared Mats are Great for Winter and Cold Season

Infrared mat can help you during cold and winter season in that it serves as a tool that helps to warm you up.

What you would need with traditional heating pads, infrared mat will deliver better.


infrared mat benefits


#17. Infrared Mat Helps with Detoxification

Top of the list of infrared mat benefits is its ability to induce detoxification.

When you sweat, you naturally detoxify your body, releasing heavy metals and calories that are harmful to the body.

At the end of the day, what you come up with is clear and glowing skin.

Plus, infrared mat is also found to help combat acne by supporting the body’s own detoxification.

This is where infrared mat with PEMF and photon therapy shine brightest.

Check out this far infrared mat on Amazon with PEMF and Photon Therapy functions.


#18. Infrared Mat Helps to Diminish Inflammation

Inflammation is caused by injury and irritation.

And this is characterized by pain and swelling.

Infrared therapy session with an infrared mat can help heal from such inflammation.

It is like pouring cold water into hot water.


#19. Infrared Mat Helps with Sleeping Disorder

A lot of people with sleeping disorder can find help with infrared mat.

Amethyst crystal has power to bring about good, sound and deep sleep.

Amethyst, when combined with negative ions produced by the mats, you can be sure that you will have a restful sleep.

Negative ions and Amethyst crystal have a way of calming the mind bringing about sound sleep.

infrared mat benefits


#20. Infrared Mat Helps to Removes Excessive Fats from the Body

Another fact that is still being debated about infrared therapy is whether it really does help with weight loss.

But truth is, infrared therapy can help slowly but gently burn fats in your tummy, waist, hip, arms and legs.

The result is weight reduction and slimness.

Infrared mats do help check excess fats in the body, burn calories resulting in loss of weight.


#21. Infrared Mats Help to Bring Feelings of Wholeness, Health and Wellness

The thing about infrared therapy sessions is the feeling you get after a session.

You come out from a session and you are like awaken to a whole new world.

The power of the amethyst stone and negative ions has rolled away loads of stress from your mind leaving you with a feeling of wholeness, health and wellness.

Infrared mat benefits are intriguing….they affect the whole man…spirit, soul and body.


How To Use Infrared Mat

Now, we supposed you want to know after all, how to use infrared mat now that you are already feeling overwhelmed with the loads of health benefits it promises.

So here’s how to use infrared mat:

To use a far infrared mat, lay the mat on a flat surface, then plug the mat controller into an electrical outlet.

Then use the controller to choose the temperature you want and then set to an exact degree

As the stones heat up, they will release far infrared rays and negative ions 8 inches deep into your body tissues.

The far infrared heat, natural stones and negative ions all go into your body to activate it to heal naturally.

This results in pain relief, stress and fatigue relief, depression relief and more.

Sure enough, you can use these mats on bed, on the floor, on massage table….

You can take it from one place to another because they are travel friendly and…..you can sleep on them overnight on low temperature.

You have the flexibility of temperature levels; high, mid or low…and you can sleep with a low one all night without any health danger.

That’s fine since most of these mats are low EMF units.


How Far Infrared Mats Work

And what if we tell you how infrared mat really work?

Far Infrared heating mats work on the principle of far infrared radiation and technology.

When put on, a heating mat generates and delivers far infrared heat from embedded healing stones (like Jade, amethyst and tourmaline stones) in the mat and delivers this heat 8 inches deep into the body.

The heat then works to increase blood flow to pain areas, that way the body’s natural healing power is activated to heal itself.

The results; pain relief, reduction in inflammation, natural sleep and…

Plus, since these mats produce and emit negative ions, these negative ions go to cause biochemical reactions in the blood cells that helps to relieve tension, stress, depression and fatigue.

The same goes to improve flexibility, metabolism, boost immune system and in the long run makes for deep sleep naturally.

So you not only receive help with pain relief (from the stones), you are also help with stress, fatigue and depression through the negative ions.

So when you are using a far infrared mat, you are actually helping, activating and quickening your body immune system and endorphin to rise to the challenge of curing the body naturally.

It is really the best natural drug free pain relief you’ll ever get around…the best heat therapy for that matter.



Wrapping up

The list on infrared mat benefits is actually inexhaustible.

More and more benefits of infrared heat is yet to be discovered with time.

But we are certain that even if the 21 infrared mat benefits highlighted above are the only health benefits of infrared mat, then they are worth every cent and dollar.

A lot of people have been helped with these mats; from back pain, to muscle spasm, fatigue, depression, stress, sleeplessness…whatever, you too can be help through the use of any of far infrared mats.

Even chronic cases like arthritis, fibromyalgia, lyme disease…..a lot of people with such cases have proven to receive help through far infrared therapy.

In all, you stand to gain a lot from the use of these mats, the health benefits are enormous.

Sure, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these intriguing health benefits of infrared healing mats.

What’s more?

Most of these mats have low EMF levels not harmful to your body at all.

So you are safe.

You are protected.

What else?

Go get your infrared mat and come tell your story afterwards how you have benefited a great deal from infrared mats.

All the best!

Please share if you find this post helpful; sharing is caring!

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