Infrared Sauna Portable Pros And Cons

Hey, we are going to take a keen look at infrared sauna portable pros and cons right now.

So if that’s what you are up for online today, then you’re on course.

Portable infrared saunas speak of flexibility, mobility, comfort, convenience and of course affordability in the world of infrared sauna.

Plus, it delivers lots and loads of health benefits – some you may never have known about.

So don’t look away.


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What Is Portable Infrared Sauna?

Traditionally, saunas are a whole room built to homes or recreational facilities and which requires you to leave your house or comfort to go have your sauna sessions.

And once the traditional sauna is installed, forget it; you can no longer move it from place to place.

But with portable infrared sauna, you actually eliminate a whole lot of those rigors.

You wouldn’t need to leave the comfort of your home to go to a club house or gym to have your sauna sessions.

You didn’t have to pay for membership and subscriptions to have and use the public saunas.

So you save time and money doing your sauna…and let’s not even talk about the very many health benefits that come with your use of your portable sauna home spa at your leisure, convenience and control!


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Infrared Sauna Portable Pros and Cons

That said; let’s now take a look at infrared sauna portable pros and cons in toto.

Here are the most beneficial and outstanding.


Infrared Sauna Portable Pros

1. Portable infrared sauna affords you the pleasure, satisfaction and convenience of a personal home SPA – that’s comfort and class.

2. It does not take much space; so if you are space constraint, portable infrared sauna is your best bet since you can set up and use and afterwards fold away and store – a great space saver.

3. Since portable infrared saunas are lightweight, they afford you the flexibility of moving your sauna unit from one place to another even within your home and apartment – can be set up and use in the living room, dinning, parlor, bedroom and even in your bathroom.

4. Again, portable infrared sauna is travel friendly. You can actually take your sauna unit with you anywhere in the world and continue to enjoy your sauna sessions. That’s the beauty of portability.

5. The portable infrared units are designed to not consume much energy as the traditional saunas. So you are saving up on power usage and consumption with the portable infrared sauna.

6. With your portable sauna, you do not need to spend some extra cash to buy membership and subscription to have and to enjoy sauna sessions at the public SPA.

7. Again, portable infrared saunas are a whole lot easy and quick to set up for use and also to collapse, fold and store away after having your session.

8. They are also very easy to clean (after use).


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9. Again, portable infrared saunas are very much affordable (a couple hundreds of dollars) compared to the traditional dry sauna that are going for thousands of dollars. What’s more is that they produce the same effect and result.

10. Portable infrared sauna produce lower level of heat compared to the traditional dry sauna with high and sometimes unbearable heat.

11. A portable infrared sauna affords you the flexibility to set time and temperature (temperature you are comfortable in) with a digital controller. This is what the traditional sauna does not afford you.

12. Portable infrared saunas are quick to heat up (2 to 5 minutes), and you are ready for your session.

13. Today, most portable infrared saunas generate and emit negative ions – this adds another layer of health benefits to your sauna unit.

14. Again, portable infrared sauna comes with timer options for your sessions. Since it is likely that you fall asleep in a session, you can set timer to auto shut off.

15. Also, with portable infrared sauna, you have the flexibility to read books and magazines, watch television and even play your video game while at the same time enjoying your sauna session.


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Infrared Sauna Portable Cons

1. Portable infrared saunas are designed for individual personal and private use. You can’t have and share your sauna session with another person.

2. One major deterrent of portable infrared saunas is that they are capable of emitting high unsafe levels of EMFs. So you should take the time and care to get one that emits low to ultra-low level of EMF and you should take caution with use all the more.

3. Because of probable exposure to EMF, it is advisable to not use your portable sauna more than once a day, better still 3 to 4 times a week. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you took the time initially to research and be sure to get a very low EMF unit.


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4. For some people who do not like confined spaces (claustrophobic), portable infrared sauna might not be ideal.

5. Again, portable infrared sauna does not give off intense heat like the traditional sauna, so if you are one who likes intense heat, you may not like the portable infrared sauna home SPA.

6. Again, if your reason for saunas is to promote love and intimacy, then forget about the portable infrared sauna and settle instead for wood saunas that afford you and your loved ones sauna sessions at the same time.


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Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Now, before we round off our talk on infrared sauna portable pros and cons, it will be well to again highlight for you a few of the many outstanding and proven health benefits of infrared sauna.

1. Portable infrared sauna delivers far infrared radiant heat deep into your body for detoxification, weight loss and perspiration.

2. Far infrared heat from infrared saunas helps to increase blood circulation.

3. And with blood flow increased to areas of low blood supply, energy level is increased in those areas and the result is pain relief.

4. Talk about mood boost and increase in energy level, regular infrared sauna sessions can help reduce fatigue and increase your energy level. You’ll feel up to the task after each session.

5. Far infrared sauna help with deep sleep, that way it is able to help with insomnia.

6. Since infrared sauna emits negative ions, it is able to bring soothing calming and relaxing effect to the mind relieving it of stress, anxiety and depression.

7. Scientifically, it is proven that far infrared radiant heat is able to help with cardiovascular problems. It can improve your heart performance, that way your life is being prolonged.

8. If you are the very busy executive, a 30 minutes session in your portable infrared sauna can make up for your daily exercise and workout.

9. And may be last but not the least, infrared sauna helps with cold and flu.


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Who Should Not Use Infrared Sauna And Why!

Continuing on our subject of infrared sauna portable pros and cons, let us now quickly take a look at a few cases and situations where you shouldn’t be using far infrared sauna.

1. If you are pregnant you don’t have any business with infrared sauna sessions. Heat particularly in the early stage of pregnancy is not good for your developing baby. You may risk miscarriage.

2. If there’s a malignant and cancerous growth in your body, forget about infrared sauna for now.

3. If you are one with medical implants of any kind in your body, you may suffer possible counter reactions from the use of far infrared saunas. So don’t use please:

4. Again, if you have open wounds and acute injury, you don’t have business with infrared sauna as yet. Go treat your wounds first and when you are healed, you can then go on to enjoying your sauna sessions.

5. If you diabetic, please don’t use infrared saunas; you may suffer dehydration and sudden collapse and even death if are not careful.

6. Again, if you have issues with uncontrolled excessive bleeding (hemophiliacs), don’t use saunas. Far infrared saunas help to increase your core body temperature by increasing blood flow and if by accident you sustain wound or suffer bruises immediately, you may lose too much of blood.

7. If you have implanted silicone in your body, don’t use infrared sauna. The risk is not something you want to suffer.


Wrapping up

To cap off on infrared sauna portable pros and cons, we think you now have ample reasons to want to try out a portable infrared sauna.

The convenience, flexibility and comfort it affords, the affordability and the very many health benefits it delivers are reasons why you should not look away.

Of course, you have also seen the downside of it, but with the information available in this post, you now know what and what you need to land yourself a portable infrared sauna that will last you for a long time and deliver the immerse health benefits with no side effects at all.

So what’s left now is your choice of an infrared sauna portable.

There are very many of them on the market, but we highly recommend the Durherm low EMF Portable Sauna unit and the Relax (Medical Grade) Infrared Sauna. These two portable saunas are low EMF units and have proven to deliver on promise.

Plus, they are durable, have good customer ratings on Amazon and enjoy great customer care service from the manufacturers.

But if those portable saunas are not for you, you may just as well settle for the best and top rated portable infrared sauna of all time on Amazon – SereneLife Portable Infrared Home SPA.

Whatever your choice, your health is important above all else.

So go look after your health.

But be sure to try out a portable infrared unit…and with caution.

All the best!

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