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Infrared Sauna Pros and cons

If you’re surfing the net for possible infrared sauna pros and cons, then you are on the right page!

The crave, love, use and popularity of infrared sauna is increasing every day, all the more because of the very many health benefits it offers.

Now, if you have been following trends on the latest viral pandemic and the possible way to prevent it, you would have noticed that heat or high temperature and high humidity is one of such ways.

To be candid, viruses and bacteria cannot survive in high temperatures and high humidity.

And infrared sauna runs on temperatures that are high enough to kill any virus (110-140 degrees Fahrenheit), that way, helping you prevent any infection

But in case you still don’t understand all there is to infrared sauna and what it can do for you, stay with us, we will be glad to help you with it in this post on infrared sauna pros and cons.


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Types Of Infrared Sauna

Before we go on fully to discussing infrared sauna pros and cons, we think it will be well for you to know the different types and kinds of far infrared sauna available.

This will help give you a better understanding of infrared saunas and what to expect from each category.

1. Near Infrared Sauna: Like the traditional sauna, the near infrared sauna radiates infrared ray that is skin deep. It is the shortest and most intense of the infrared sauna wavelength with power to effectively penetrate the skin and all it surfaces.

This makes the near infrared sauna most ideal for wound healing and anti-aging.

2. Mid Infrared Sauna: The mid infrared sauna goes deeper than the near infrared sauna.

It reaches deep to the body deep tissues and organs.

This is while the mid infrared sauna is most ideal for perspiration, increase blood flow and circulation, inflammation reduction, increase heart rate and more.

3. Far Infrared Sauna: The Far infrared sauna penetrates 4-6 inches deep into the body raising core body temperature.

It produces by far the most beneficial health benefits of infrared sauna like boosting of immune system, inducing deep sleep, depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress relieving.

4. Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna: The combination of the near, mid and far infrared sauna is what is termed the full spectrum infrared sauna.

The full spectrum infrared sauna has the properties of both near, mid and far infrared sauna and offers on the go (all in one and simultaneously) every of the health benefits that each of the sauna categories deliver.

For the smart guys, the full spectrum infrared sauna is all you need to meet all your health need.

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Infrared Sauna Pros and Cons

The following are infrared sauna pros and cons as far as we know.

Infrared Sauna Pros

Infrared saunas are beneficial in every way; and we have written much about the very many health benefits it offers.

But for a quick mention here, the following are some of the ways far infrared sauna benefits your health.

1. Infrared sauna help with pain relief.

2. Infrared sauna helps to kill viruses and bacteria

3. Mid infrared sauna helps to boost your immune system

4. Infrared sauna helps with increase blood flow and circulation

5. Near infrared sauna helps heal wounds

6. Near infrared saunas help with increase in cell production and regeneration

7. It is scientifically proven that far infrared sauna help with heart diseases

8. The Far infrared sauna helps a great deal with insomnia

9. Infrared sauna helps boost body metabolism

10. Infrared sauna helps with perspiration leading to detoxification

11. Mid infrared sauna helps with elimination of toxins and fats from the body through sweat.

12. Far infrared sauna helps with depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue

13. Infrared sauna helps you relax a great deal

14. Mid infrared sauna helps boost and supply cells with oxygen

15. Near infrared sauna helps with anti-aging



Infrared Sauna Cons

As much as we know, infrared sauna benefits far out weights the disadvantages and that is even if there are any disadvantages.

Sure, everything that has good sides must have bad sides too.

We do not argue with that philosophy.

But from what we know, we cannot pin point you infrared sauna cons, but we know that infrared sauna do have some draw backs and there are precautions you must take if you are to make the most of your infrared sauna.

The most prominent fir draw bags are tendencies of high level EMF and poor construction.

1. EMF level

To not add to your health problem, you must avoid exposing yourself to high level of EMF.

According to EPA, safe level of EMF exposure is 0-3.5mG. EMF level higher that that recommended level is harmful and injurious to human health.

But in practice, we found that infrared sauna EMF level of 0-15mG does not do any harm.

But even today, most infrared saunas come with EMF blocking layers such that you are not exposed to EMF.

Manufacturers have taken for granted that EMF is not good for you and they are doing everything possible to reduce the level of EMF in the far infrared sauna units.

Truth is, there are far infrared sauna units on the market that are ultra-low to low EMF.

You cannot find problem with them.

This is just to guide you and to inform you of the best types of infrared saunas to buy.

Do not risk EMF.


2. Poor Construction

If any, the major problem we have found with low cost infrared sauna is that they are poorly constructed.

You do not want to spend that much in a far infrared sauna unit that will only last you for 30 days.

Yes, we know that there are lots of infrared saunas on the market that are of poor construction, yet we also know that the Canadian Wood Hemlock saunas are some of the best ergonomic and of sturdy construction on the market.

You should give great care to the far infrared sauna you buy and use.


Other Drawbacks of Infrared Sauna

Other things that may want to constitute disadvantages for infrared saunas are:

The Size of the Sauna: (this is important because you need space to mount your sauna particularly if it is wooden. But a portable sauna does not have this problem)

3. Power Requirement

Thankfully, most far infrared sauna require as much as 110-120V to run, and that’s about power supply obtainable in many parts of the world. And your normal electric socket is just all you need to plug it in.

4. Cost and Warranty

Another draw of the far infrared sauna may be the cost.

Real durable full spectrum infrared sauna will cost you thousand and several thousands of dollars.

And the warranty may just be 12 months. (Yes, please be sure to get a working warranty for your sauna)

But what is that compare to your overall health and well-being.

Health, they say, is wealth.

But other than these and a few other things that may have to do with use, infrared saunas are beneficial in every way.




Surely and truly, we have been able to walk you through infrared sauna pros and cons in this post.

All things being equal, you can readily see that infrared sauna benefits far out weights the disadvantages.

So if like us, you care about your health and prize it above all else, then the disadvantages are not even enough to deter you.

Plus, you can completely eliminate the disadvantages if you will just follow our suggestions in this post.

In all; infrared sauna pros and cons, what you need to know is that you have the responsibility to find out what is good and what is bad in whatever purchasing decision you want to make.

Reading this post on infrared sauna pros (benefits) and cons (disadvantages) means you have taken that responsibility.


So go do something with what you know now.

All the best!


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