Jade, Amethyst Crystal and the Tourmaline Stone

The Jade, amethyst crystal and the tourmaline stone are distinctive of infrared heating pads, saunas and blankets.

The stones – Jade, amethyst crystal and the tourmaline stone are embedded in these health products.

These stones naturally conduct infrared ray.

They also emit negative ions

These stones account for one of the major differences between infrared heat therapy and the regular electric heating.

Jade, amethyst crystal and the tourmaline stone!

These stones are healing gems.


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Jade, Amethyst Crystal and the Tourmaline Stone

The thing about infrared heating technology is that it employs the powers of these stones to deliver far infrared heat deep into the body.

These stones on their own have curative powers.

With the technology of far infrared, the power of these stones is delivered right into the deepest parts of the human body.

The result is healing and cure.

Let us examine these stones.


The Jade stone

The Jade stone is naturally bright.

The Jade stone has been known to philosophers and wise men of ancient time.

It is held by them that the brightness of the Jade stone represents heaven.

Heaven connotes peace, quietness, rest, serenity, love and beauty.

The Jade stone communicates these heavenly qualities to the human soul.

Employing the technology of far infrared, the Jade stone delivers these powers and attributes right into the human soul, mind and emotions.


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The infrared therapy from the Jade is much more than the body, it gets down, deep into the human soul and subconscious.

Is it any wonder that people with depression come out from a session of a far infrared heat therapy and there problem is half solved?

You see, the mystical-God given power of the stone effectively deployed to the soul is health and life.

The Jade stone through the technology of the far infrared brings the brightness of heaven into the soul of the depressed and lifts it to another state of life, love and beauty.


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The Power of the Jade Stone

The Jade is much desired stoned among the Chinese.

The Jade has a mystical ability to transmit the peace and serenity of heaven into the body, emotions and the soul.

It has the ability to purify the soul.

The result is relief and cure.

Even a depressed soul can be cured of depression.




The Tourmaline Stone

The Tourmaline stone is a world of beauty. It has every color that can be found in the rainbow.

This stone is endowed with an ability to calm.

Simply, the tourmaline has a calming effect, strong enough to offer relief from stress.

One of the major health problems of the American people is stress.

Our hospitals and psychiatrists are full of patients whose root problem is actually stress.

Stress is a thing of the emotion and soul.

But is there a naturally way out of stress?

The ancient have the answer.

It might just as well be the tourmaline.


What Does The Tourmaline Do?

1. The tourmaline, employing the power of the far infrared technology can get into the soul and mind and emotion bringing soothing and calming relief from stress.

That way, the tourmaline helps you attain emotional balance and harmony.

2. The tourmaline also helps you achieve enlightenment.

There are so many people who want to wake up to the reality and power of the subconscious.

The tourmaline triggers and aids in this process.

You can achieve spiritual enlightenment through the tourmaline.

No wonder, patient fall asleep most often during sessions of infrared therapy.

The power of the tourmaline gets to the soul bringing calmness and peace resulting in deep sleep.

You come out of that sleep and you are refreshed and lighted.


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3. The tourmaline is a stone that helps to strengthen your spirit.

The subconscious is a very important part of human beings.

The ancient believe that strength and weakness, success and failures are all attributes of the subconscious.

They believe one can succeed with life when his spirit is strong

And when your spirit is strong, you can win over every challenge in life.

4. The tourmaline is strong on detoxification.

You want to really detoxify your body system?

Then get a far infrared heating pad and portable infrared sauna that is embedded with the tourmaline stone.

5. The tourmaline is strong on negative ions.

This is a fact that you must never forget, if you want to enjoy the soothing calmness of negative ions, you can trust the tourmaline to deliver on it.

The tourmaline naturally emits negative ions when heated.



Amethyst Crystal Stone

The Amethyst has metaphysical properties.

The amethyst crystal as is often called has meditative and calming effect.

It can work in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes of the human personality.

With its meditative and calming effect, it can work in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes of the human personality to promote calmness, balance, peace and quietness.


Did you see why Americans need the far infrared heating pad with Amethyst crystal?

Most people in Americans are becoming nervous wreck.

They do not know what rest is.


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Worst still, even if they know what rest is, they do not know how to rest.

Little did we wonder why stress has become one of America’s greatest problems!

Pains are signs that there are problems within.

Treating just pain is surface treatment.

You need to get to the root of the pain.

Therefore, you do not just need a heating pad that will relieve you of pain only, but one that will get to the root of your pain-which is your emotion, soul and spirit.

The amethyst crystal can help you achieve this.




And A Fourth One: The Obsidian

The Obsidian or black obsidian as is commonly called has metaphysical properties like the Jade, Tourmaline and the Amethyst crystal.

This stone, known as the “psychic vacuum cleaner” helps to clean you of emotional debris and wreckage.

At one time or the other we need emotional healing.

You may have been involved in relationships and actions that have left wounds in your personality.

And until the negativity, gloom and darkness that these relationships have caused are properly cleansed and removed from the soul, you might not be able to move on.

The obsidian stone with is metaphysical properties promise cleansing in this regard.


What Does The Obsidian Do?

This obsidian stone shines a light on the negativity, darkness and left over(s) of the soul and clears it away.

Then it helps us to look forward and to embrace a new path that leads towards life and love.

This stone embedded in an infrared heating pad and saunas uses the infrared technology to deliver its cleansing power to the soul and emotions.

You may do well to help yourself out with the obsidian.

The infrared technology makes it possible

Infrared heating pad and sauna embedded with this stone is at easy reach.




How Does Far Infrared Heating Work?

The far infrared heating pad and sauna generate infrared ray through these natural stones as Jade stones, tourmaline stones, the amethyst crystal stone and the obsidian.

These stones are embedded into the pads.

Thus, when the infrared heating pads and saunas are heated up with the stones, the infrared radiation that comes from the pad intermingles with the powers of the stones which is then delivered deeply into the human body, mind and emotions.

The result is cure and health

These pads may need electricity to start, but the heat does not come from electricity but from the stones.

This heat travels deep into the body, soul and emotions to deliver the property and power of both the stones and the infrared ray.

Fact is, you need a far infrared heating pad and sauna with any, two or all of these stones, in other to achieve the desired overall healing and health.


Jade, Amethyst Crystal and the Tourmaline Stone

Infrared heating pads and saunas that are embedded with Jade, Amethyst Crystal and the Tourmaline stone and emits negative ions and low level EMF are not dangerous to man.

They are safe to use.

What’s more, the combination of the two (far infrared and negative ions) is overall health and wellness.


Final Word

What is best then is to look out for these natural gem stones in your choice of a far infrared heating pad or portable infrared saunas.

These natural healing stones do more than heat therapy, they are actually are soul, emotional  and stress therapy combine.

Jade, Amethyst Crystal and the Tourmaline stone embedded infrared heating pads and portable saunas are best for your health and overall well being.

Take advantage of them.



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