Jade vs Tourmaline Heating Pad

Jade vs Tourmaline heating Pad!

Do you want to know the similarities, differences and most importantly which one – Jade or Tourmaline healing stones to go for in your choice of far infrared devices – heating pads, mats and saunas?

We think it is important you understand the use, power and health benefits of these stones and why they are embedded in infrared devices.

This will help you know exactly what heating pad type to settle for and why.

Here’s what we found out.


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Jade vs Tourmaline Heating Pad

Now, let us look more closely at our subject: Jade vs Tourmaline heating pad to see what it’s about them as they relate to relief of chronic pain and other health related problems.


The Jade

Jade vs tourmaline heating padThe Jade is a super conductor of far infrared radiation. It is likely to be the highest conductor of infrared ray among the very many healing stones – Jade, Amethyst, Tourmaline and the Obsidian stones – embedded in infrared healing pads.

When combined with far infrared, the Jade delivers therapeutic heat up to 5 inches deep into the body reaching down to the body’s deep tissues, organs and cells.

And the result is pain relief, increased blood circulation, boosting of the immune system, improving the body’s energy level and more.


Health Benefits of the Jade

There are several health benefits of the Jade combined with far infrared ray.

1. Pain relief. Top on the list of the health benefits of Jade is pain relief. The Jade far infrared heating pad helps relieves chronic pains like back, lower back, joint, muscle, sciatica and arthritis pains.

So, if pain is what you are primarily dealing with, the Jade far infrared heating pad is what you should go for.

The best infrared therapy for pain relief comes through a Jade embedded infrared heating pad.

2. Increase blood circulation: It is a fact that pain relief is achieved when blood flow is increased to pain areas of the body. That way energy is supplied to those areas and with increased energy, the body is able to heal itself. Jade ensures increase blood flow.

3. Boosting of Immune System: Another thing about Jade is its ability to boost the body’s immune system. It actually increases the body’s endorphin.

4. Improving body’s energy level: The Jade helps to improve the body’s energy level. This is why a Jade far infrared therapy leaves you off with strength and invigoration, energized to face the day with power and resilient.

5. Reduces bruises and swellings: The Jade helps with reduction of physical bruises and swellings. This is why Jade infrared heating pad is your best bet for swellings.

6. Revitalizes skin cells: It is said that the Jade is the stone for eternal youthfulness. Because it can revitalize skin cells, it is the go to area for skin treatment. It helps to reduce tension in the facial muscles and smoothen wrinkles.

7. Strengthen the brain: Jade is said to strengthen the brain cells for more functionality


The Tourmaline Crystal

jade vs tourmaline heating padThe Tourmaline also is a great conductor of the far infrared ray. But it mostly generates and emits negative ions.

And negative ions have soothing calming effects on the mind that helps relieve insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

So if what you are primarily looking at achieving with your heating pad is ailment that has to do with insomnia, stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression, then your best bet for an infrared heating pad is one that is embedded with the tourmaline crystal.

Negative ions is said to increase the production of collagen, strengthen the immune and autonomic nervous system and help make cell membrane more permeable.

Now, you are beginning to see the power, use and individual strength of these stones.


Health Benefits of the Tourmaline

Going on with our subject of Jade vs Tourmaline heating pad, let us now see the health benefits of the tourmaline combined with far infrared.

1. Emit Negative Ions. Top on the list of the health benefits of Tourmaline is that it emits negative ions. And negative ions have desirable soothing calming effect on the mind and body. And it is this ability to emit negative ions that makes Tourmaline great for calming of nerves!  Never look away from the benefits of negative ions.

2. Helps with Insomnia and stress: Tourmaline because of its soothing calming effect by way of negative ions is able to help with insomnia, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression.

3. Helps with detoxification: If you are looking at detoxification, the tourmaline cum far infrared is able to help you.

4. Supportive of the liver and kidney: Combined with far infrared, the tourmaline helps to give support and strength to your liver and kidney. So a tourmaline heating pad can aid with liver and kidney problem.

5. Improves blood flow and circulation: Since tourmaline works with far infrared, the duo is able to increase core body temperature resulting in increased blood flow and circulation to the entire body cells and internal structures.

6. To achieve detoxification, the far infrared heat with tourmaline helps to dissolves fats, reduce fatty acids and aid the body in the reduction of water retention. All of these make for detoxification and elimination of toxic metals.

7. You can be sure that the tourmaline is a great mood booster and enhancer. It also helps with immune system and regeneration of body cells.


Jade vs Tourmaline Heating Pad: And the Winner Is!

So who is the winner in Jade vs Tourmaline heating pad?

We cannot say.

This is because the properties, usefulness and health benefits of the stones are similar and identical.

But the one difference that we can point to is that: the Jade is great for pain relief, while the tourmaline is best with negative ions.

So, your choice will depend on what health challenge you want to primarily deal with.

If you are dealing with pain; back pain, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscle pain, joint and arthritis pain, the Jade far infrared heating pad is what you need.

But if you are looking at insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety and stress, then the Tourmaline infrared heating pad is what you need.

You may also need the combination of the two: a Jade and Tourmaline infrared heating pad if you are looking at treating both cases.

Really, the winner of the Jade vs Tourmaline heating pad depends on you – what ailment you primarily seek infrared therapy for.


Far Infrared and Negative Ions

Now, if you suffer from chronic pain in the back, neck, shoulders, joint and muscles, chances are that you may have already tried a number of treatments.

And possibly you may have even seen some results.

But we think that the natural drug free far infrared therapy will be best for you.

Why not try it out this time around.

Apart from just physical therapy, the far infrared heating pad delivers curative heat 5 inches deep into your body. The effect is way beyond the result you get just with other pain relieve devices and even medication.

The far infrared is long lasting.

This is even more so if the far infrared device emits negative ions; this adds another layer of healing to your health – way more than just what ordinary heating pad will give you.

Your pain is relieved, plus, you get the soothing calming effect of negative ions to help with underlying problems like stress, anxiety and fatigue – all in the far infrared (heating pad) therapy.


Jade and Tourmaline Far Infrared Heating Pads

Sure enough, we already told you about individual Jade infrared heating pads and also about the tourmaline embedded infrared heating pads.

These stones are specially embedded in infrared heating pads because they have curative powers.

So you can get all the health benefits of these stones just by using infrared heating pad.

So, you don’t necessarily have to go hunting for these stones in other to enjoy their benefits; just get an infrared heating pad, mat and sauna and you have these stones ready to go.

What’s more!

You can get any of your choice based on the peculiarity of your case.

But if you particularly want to settle for a Jade infrared heating pad, we would recommend that you consider the UTK Jade Infrared Heating pad or the Back Rescue Jade Infrared Heating pads.

These two brands (of course, there are other brands like the Ersae, …Ovida and XUYU Jade infrared heating pads), are some of the best brands on the market.

And if what you want is just the tourmaline heating pad, then the UTK Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad is it for you.

But if you are looking at a Jade Tourmaline heating pad combo, then the UTK Jade and Tourmaline heating pad is your best.

These heating pads have no side effects; no skin burn, no overdose, no regrets; only that you must know how to use your infrared heating pad effectively.



Of course we have made a case for Jade vs Tourmaline heating pad in this post.

And you can readily relate with the stones and their far infrared effect, so what’s next?

Go get an infrared heating pad embedded with any or both of the healing stones and go recover from pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

But don’t forget this: your attitude, faith and expectation combined with regular and consistent daily use of these heating pads is what will produce lasting results for you in the long run.

All the best!

Heal with infrared.

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