Medical Sauna Reviews: Saunas By Medical Doctors

Looking for an unbiased medical sauna reviews, then you are on the right page.

Medical Sauna is reputed to be the only sauna (by the way, full spectrum sauna) on the market designed by medical doctors.

What do you suppose?

Considering the many verifiable health benefits of far infrared sauna, don’t you think medical doctors should be the right persons to give us the benefit of the doubt as far as infrared saunas are concerned?

And that’s just what Medical Sauna is all about – saunas by medical doctors. And that’s what this post on medical sauna reviews seeks to establish.

Medical doctors are in the best position to give us infrared saunas that actually deliver on the very many health benefits of far infrared sauna with low or ultra low EMF.

Truth be told, a great sauna, far infrared, near infrared or full spectrum should help relieve pains, detoxify the blood, improves joints and muscles and should also reduce arthritis pain at a minimum – medical sauna is all this and more.

This is what you are about to discover in this post on medical sauna reviews.


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Types of Medical saunas

Medical saunas have series of saunas on the market that are worth every cent, these saunas are actual medical breakthrough.

Medical 3

The medical 3 sauna is a one person full spectrum sauna. If you love the lone way and treasure your privacy more than anything else, then you would truly love the medical 3.

Medical 4 – Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum

The Medical 4 or Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum is the best sauna designed with you and that special one in mind.   It is a 2 person sauna ideal for you and your love one in the privacy of your home. This is the sauna you have been waiting for if you truly crave intimate moments with your special somebody in a sauna.

Medical 5

The Medical Sauna 5 is another medical breakthrough from the staple of Medical sauna designed specifically for 3 persons. Want to have and enjoy sauna bath with family and friends. then you must really treasure medical 5.

Medical 6

Talk about family intimacy, the Medical 6 is what comes to mind. This sauna is designed to be used and enjoyed with 3 to 5 people at the same time. You would certainly like it if you believe in family spirit.

Medical 6 Plus

The Medical 6 Plus is the biggest breakthrough in Medical saunas at the moment. This is a full spectrum sauna that can accommodate 4 to 6 persons at the same time. Talk about team, family and friends having sauna bath at the same time, the Medical 6 Plus is it.

Medical Sauna Reviews: Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum

Having walked you through the different types of Medical Sauna on the market, it’s about time we focus our attention in this medical sauna reviews on Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum – the best seller at the moment of all Medical Saunas.   Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum is one of the best low EMF infrared saunas on the market.

It actually has EMF rating of about 0.03, that’s way less than 1.

This is one of a kind sauna, large enough for you to do your yoga.

Plus, it makes for actual relaxation since it comes with extreme relaxation backrest that sets the perfect distance between you and the heaters.

This way you get a warm, peaceful and calming experience.

This sauna is also very energy efficient-it uses only 120 volts.

This sauna is nothing less than perfection since it is designed and made from start to finish by medical doctors.

Medical saunas generally are made with top notch materials; the Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum is not an exception. What do you expect of a sauna designed particularly to help you heal.


Medical Sauna Reviews: Features of Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum

Still on with our Medical sauna reviews, let’s now walk you through some of the special features of the Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum, features that sets it aside from the very many other saunas on the market.

2 Person Indoor Infrared Sauna Spa

Like many other sauna in the market, the Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum is designed to be used by you and that special someone at the comfort and confines of your home. It is a 2 Person Indoor Infrared Sauna Spa

Oxygen Ionizer

Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum comes with oxygen ionizer that helps to purify air and kill every odor causing bacteria inside the sauna.

Chromatic Light Therapy

Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum comes with Chromatic light which when lit helps you get into the right mood for relaxation, reading or stretching.

Hot Yoga

The first of its kind, you can do your yoga inside the Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum. It has ample space for that.

Audio System

medical sauna reviews The Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum comes packed with full audio system, a Bluetooth, USB and AUX connection so you can enjoy your choice of music during your sauna session.

Full Spectrum

The Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum comes with 7 full spectrum heaters installed in all areas of the sauna to give you the full benefits of a sauna.

Carbon Heaters

The Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum uses carbon heaters as against ceramic tube heaters. Carbon heaters produce a wider, softer heat that is evenly distributed. And you don’t have to worry about replacing carbon heaters. They are sturdy are built to last.

Ultra-low EMF

Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum is one of the best low EMF infrared saunas on the market. medical sauna reviews It actually has EMF rating of less than 0.03, that’s less than 1. Not in any way close to the recommended safe exposure level of 2.5/3mG.

You’re safe here.

Tip: Check out this Sauna for its EMF ratings


Luxury Spa

No doubt, if you think luxury, the Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum is the definition of a luxury sauna.


Customer Rating and Scores

As you already know, the Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum is a new entrant into the market of saunas, yet it is gradually making its way into the heart of customers.

There’s no customer that ever bought it, who never likes it.

At the time of this writing, the Medical sauna 4 Full Spectrum has 8 customer reviews on Amazon with a whooping score rating of 4.5 stars out of possible 5.

This sauna is great….real full spectrum sauna with every features that will make you enjoy the best of saunas…with healing and health and the heart of it all.



Features and Specifications of Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum

  • Comes with 6 heaters
  • Offers hot/cold cleansing system
  • Features detox routine system
  • Comes with insulated airflow system
  • Offers 3D Heat Therapy
  • Features safe cool down system
  • Features skin rejuvenation/cleansing system
  • Comes in a natural Hemlock wooden construction
  • Features a simple touch exterior LED control panel
  • Comes in a clasp-together assembly
  • Features a Roof Vent
  • Comes with a tempered glass door
  • Features a speaker system with AUX/MP3 connection
  • Features a rapid internal heating system
  • Features simple touch interior & exterior LED control panels
  • Comes with radio and CD player functionality
  • It also comes with exterior mood lighting
  • Weight: 555 pounds
  • Dimension and size: 47.2 x 78.2 x 42 inches


Special Health Benefits of Medical Saunas

Ideally, this post on Medical sauna reviews will not be complete if we do not pinpoint for you particularly the very many health benefits that Medical sauna promises to deliver.   Here:

1. Improved Endurance

Medical saunas are designed to be able to increase heat tolerance threshold.

This increase heat tolerance keeps you from fatigue during workout resulting in improved, prolonged performance.

With regular use of Medical sauna, you are sure able to boost your heat tolerance threshold way further than it has ever gone.

It is a known fact that heat therapy can affect positively cardiac output and vascular shear stress, just like exercise would do.

So if you are a patient with low exercise tolerance and capabilities, you can use focused heat from Medical sauna to positively affect your cardiac output and vascular stress.

This is such that skeletal muscle growth and microvascular functions are taken care of with the use of Medical saunas.

2. Pain Relief

Medical sauna uses 3D heat therapy for effective pain relief.

The 3D heat therapy works best by penetrating deep into the body’s tissues and cells as temperature increases resulting in sore muscle relief, relief in ligaments, decreasing of muscle spasm, reduction of arthritis pain and increased cell growth.

The therapeutic benefits of Medical saunas are intriguing. If you have issue with chronic knee pain, use of Medical sauna is guaranteed to restore improved motion to the joint and see the pain dissipate with time.

You can’t get it wrong with Medical Sauna.

You would also be shocked to know that painful menstruation (Dysmenorrhea) can be alleviated with heat from saunas particularly therapeutic heat from Medical Sauna.

3. Muscle Recovery

Heat improves blood circulation.

That’s a fact.

Far infrared heat from infrared sauna has the ability to dilate blood vessel and by extension, sends oxygen to cells in the body.

Among the very many benefits that increased blood circulation and oxygen delivers (reduction in headaches, healing of skin and internal organs, improved cell health, strengthening of the immune system), increase in oxygen in the bloodstream particularly aids tired and strained muscles by helping them relax so they can recover more quickly after rigorous and intense workout.

No wonder sportsmen and women are all turning to infrared saunas for healing and fast recovering of fatigued and worn out muscles.

Do not forget that improved circulation helps to send oxygen rich blood to painful areas of the body and its cells which helps to flush away acidic wastes that are actually the cause of pain, inflammation, soreness and stiffness.

You stand a lot o gain with the use of Medical sauna.

Plus, heat therapy by way of far infrared has shown overtime to bring flexibility to body’s connective tissues, makes for greater joint movement and also bring about  increased level and distribution of endorphins  (your body natural pain killer) all over your body via blood.

You will do yourself the greatest good with the use of Medical sauna if muscle regeneration is what you are seeking to achieve.

4. Weight loss

Is it true that saunas aid in weight loss?

Medical sauna offers a rapid internal heating system that promotes sweating as the glands in the body opens up under the far infrared heat sauna bath.

The result: you lose water weight and bloating.

The point is that, Medical sauna helps your body to prevent water retention by stimulating the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids which work to remove water from body extremities.

It is also true that when heart rate rises, your metabolism increases.

Then an increase in metabolism prompts the body to burn more calories which in turn results in loss of extra pounds by converting fats to energy.

That’s the secret behind infrared sauna weight loss. Point is, infrared saunas induce body mass loss (BML).

5. Relaxation

Does anything relaxes like infrared sauna?

I don’t know so.

Cases of patients falling asleep during an infrared sauna session abounds, proves that infrared sauna relaxes the mind and body deeply, restoring health and vitality.

Infrared saunas have ability to relieve insomnia as well as reduced anxiety and stress.

The hot temperature and quietness on the inside of a sauna has soothing effect that magically melts away stress, fatigue and anxiety.

You need to try one to experience this. And don’t forget that sleep plays a very important role in your overall health.

The more you are able to rest and sleep, the more productive and active your work and day life is.

Sleep helps to heal and repair your blood vessels.

And you stand the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke if you don’t sleep as you should.

So get a Medical sauna for a better sleep, comfort and restfulness. Relaxation, deep and restful sleep is at the heart of all Medical Saunas.   >>>GET MEDICAL SAUNA 4 FULL SPECTRUM NOW AT AMAZON.COM<<<

6. Immune Health

The use of infrared saunas help speedy up body’s healing processes; fight off infection and viruses more effectively and naturally than any other medically known way.

Medical sauna helps to increase core temperature which then helps your body produce more white blood cells.

Of course is that white blood cell helps the body to fight off infection by attacking bacteria, viruses and germs.

Sure enough, increase in white blood cell which can be easily achieved through the use of infrared sauna helps to keep your immune system on guard ready to fight every alien.

The reverse is the case. When your white blood cell count is low, you are susceptible to every and any illness and infection which may even developed into a major health problem.

You don’t want that. Medical sauna helps you with all these.

Get your while blood cell improve, active and full of energy to fight antibodies through the use of Medical sauna.

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7. Improved Circulation

The thing about Medical Sauna is that it comes with an infrared internal heating system that ensures improved circulation.

With this sauna, you can always increase the amount of blood flow throughout your body.

This is achieved when the blood vessels react to heat and then expand.

Overall, increased blood flow send oxygen filled blood into your body and particularly pain areas which then helps to raise body’s endorphin (your body natural pain killer), helping it to naturally fight and heal the body with no side effects whatever.

Thus, infrared therapy promotes and boosts your body natural ability to heal without the fear and consequences of side effects that come from the use of analgesic (pain killer drugs).

Medical sauna offers 100 percent natural analgesic.

Stop popping pills to get relieve from your strained muscles and arthritic pains, employ the help and use of far infrared sauna and you’ll glad you did.



What Is A Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

You may be wondering what the term full spectrum infrared sauna really means. Of course, you know and have heard of the far infrared sauna and may be you also may have known something of the near infrared sauna.

Now because Medical saunas are full spectrum, it is important you know what a full spectrum infrared sauna is and what edge it has above the far and near infrared sauna.

Medical Sauna Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

A full spectrum infrared sauna simply refers to an infrared sauna that has the capability and capacity to provide the functions and benefits of a near infrared, mid infrared and a far infrared.

This kind of sauna functions on the three levels of infrared – near, mid and far, – providing different healing responses.

Whereas the near infrared sauna radiation is absorbed only at the skin level (this is because the near infrared wavelengths have lower micron level resulting in shorter wavelengths which mainly penetrates the epidermis level of the skin), providing health benefits of healthy cell immunity, healing of wounds, tissue growth, renewal of skin  (skin purification), anti aging and pain relief, the mid infrared sauna rays wavelengths penetrates deeper into the body than the near infrared providing such health benefits as pain relief, improved circulation and weight loss.

Then the far infrared sauna rays goes even deeper into the body than the mid infrared sauna.

The far infrared sauna benefits are weight loss, detoxification, better blood circulation, relaxation, reduction in blood pressure, improved immunity and heart health. 

The combo of the far infrared sauna health benefits and the near infrared health benefits is what the full spectrum infrared sauna delivers.

You have healing for both body (skin deep issues) as well as deep tissue health challenges, plus relieve from stress, fatigue and insomnia – deep seated mind and soul related problems.

See how much the Medical sauna has to offer you.  

Wrapping up

You have seen for yourself the very many health benefits that Medical sauna delivers as provided for in this post on Medical sauna reviews.

So what are you going to make of it? But if you truly are longing to experience real natural health and vitality that comes free of negative side effects, then you have got to try out Medical sauna.

If you want to heal from arthritis, sore muscles, joint pains, if you want to heal from heart conditions, insomnia, fatigue and stress, if you want to experience weight loss and real detoxification, then you have got to experiment with Medical sauna and see for yourself.

Very many other saunas on the market cannot compare to this sauna designed by medical doctors.

Made with top notch materials and you in mind, you can be sure that Medical sauna are the best sauna to help you heal naturally in this time and season.

Overall health and wellness is the ultimate goal of Medical sauna, so its mission no doubt is to improve your body, soul and mind.

You have nothing to lose with the use of Medical sauna.

Wish you the best in your journey to recovery.

Wish you the very best in your quest to stay healthy and well.

All the best!

Heal with infrared!


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