23 Pros And Cons Of Red Light Therapy

Today, we are going to be looking at pros and cons of red light therapy – a rising trend in the world of light therapy.

If you have been following trends, you will observed that there have been increase in the use of infrared health products, like heating pads, saunas and others.

For the most part, this is because of the many health benefits that infrared light delivers on the body and mind.

Now, bringing it home to red light therapy (RLT), do we equally have so much to gain with use?

We will leave that question for you to answer.

But we trust that your answer will be informed by the facts you are going to uncover in this post on pros and cons of red light therapy.

Be sure to read this post to the end, the very two last cons of red light therapy may be what is keeping you from the use of light therapy devices.


Let’s go!

What’s Red Light Therapy By The Way?

Red light therapy is concentrated natural light deployed to treat a particular or all areas of the body of certain ailment like acne, skin blemishes, joints and muscles pains and much more.

The thing about red light therapy is its ability to effect positive changes in your body and mind.

This changes will impact your skin, hair, sleep, cells, tissues, heart and your overall mood and health.

This is why infrared and red light therapy is a much sought for remedy for most ailments today.

This is even more so because infrared light does not have any side effect.

Same is true with red light therapy; if used properly and with care, you can almost eliminate anything that may be a side effect.

Did you ever wonder why most celebrities go the way of red light therapy and infrared for anti-aging and weight loss?

Red light therapy helps to rejuvenate dead cells in and under the skin making for healthier, fresher and younger look.

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Pros And Cons OF Red Light Therapy

Going forward in this post on the pros and cons of red light therapy, let’s now especially focus on the most obvious benefits of red light therapy, and how it interconnects with the downsides too.

Pros Of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy:

1. Helps with joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis

2. Improves, stimulates and increases blood circulation

3. Helps with muscle growth, recovery and reduction of muscle spasm

4. Helps with insomnia. Red light therapy helps to induce sleep.

5. Is great for minor wound recovery

6. Boosts body immunity. Your immunity is your defense against diseases, infrared and red light helps to booster and keep your immunity in top form.

7. Reduces several other pains like menstrual pains

8. Helps with scarring and stretch marks

9. Red light therapy stimulates regrowth of hair and even helps to prevent additional loss of hair.

10. Helps with skin improvement – diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and decreases skin blemishes.

11. Boosts energy and moods coming out from an infrared session can mean a great boost of energy and mood.

12. Support weight loss. Red light therapy in the long run helps to add a step to your weight loss goal.

13. Helps with anti-aging by stimulating the reproduction of collagen, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

14. Makes for efficient supply and production of oxygen to blood cells resulting in healthy cells

15. Helps with heart health and brain health. Infrared and red light helps with cardiovascular issues.

16. Helps to stimulate body’s endorphin so it can naturally rise to the occasion and heal itself.

17 Helps with fatigue, anxiety and depression

18. Relaxes the whole body and mind


Cons Of Red Light Therapy

Still on with pros and cons of red light therapy, the following are the obvious downsides of red light therapy.

19. Red light therapy may cause irritation for eyes and may also result in light headaches – short lived though.

20. Red light therapy is not to be use by everyone. It is not to be used by pregnant women, by those with cancers and by people with silicone and other implants etc

21. For optimum result, red light therapy is to be used regular, so if you do not have time for regular use, you will not see long lasting result

22. Red light therapy treatment may be expensive if you go to professional SPA, beautician’s and doctors. So it is advisable to invest in one, that way you are able to cut cost. But be sure to follow instructions and precautions if you do your sessions at home by yourself,

23. Fear of exposure to EMF. But truth is, most of these devices come in low to ultra-low EMF units.

And for the most part, they come with EMF shielding mechanism that helps to protect you from exposure to harmful levels of EMF.

For the most part, the manufacturers of these devices put into consideration the problems of EMF in their production process.

In any case, you can check with your EMF meter, to be sure you not are exposing yourself to harmful levels of EMF.

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But Is Red Light Therapy Really Safe?

Pros and cons of red light therapy!

Studies have shown that infrared and red light therapies do not cause damages to the skin or other parts of the body anatomy if you use within specified time (10-30 minutes max, depending on the type of device and what you are treating).

Truth is, controlled exposure to red and or near, mid and far infrared light makes for healing, improved cure for ailments like acne, pain, inflammation, insomnia, arthritis, heart and lots more.

This is so much so that the FDA approves the use of so many red light therapy devices on the market today.

As it stands, there is no known study that even claim that red light therapy or infrared therapy devices cause cancers.

Instead, studies have even shown that exposure to red light and infrared light gives cancer patients a better chance to heal than if they were not exposed to it.

Did you also know that red light and infrared light help with heart health – cardiovascular health?

And what if I tell you that infrared light and red light therapy also help boost your immunity helping fight against viral infections.

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Pros and cons of red light therapy!

Did you ever wonder why many athletes, fitness enthusiast and weight trainer go after red light therapy devices?

Just to mention again; it is because it helps to stimulate muscle growth, reduces muscle fatigue and helps deliver strength and endurance for muscles all the way.

Or why do you think professional SPA and beauticians resolved to red light therapy?

It is because of the many benefits of anti-aging and cure for skin irritations and the young and firm feeling that it produces on the skin ultimately.

Overall, if you have been looking for ways to heal from pain and other health related problems, infrared and red light therapy may just be the way to go.

And what about weight loss?

Is red light therapy the go to area for weight loss too?

Alongside many other healthy practices, infrared may help you a step further in achieving your weight loss goal.

Whether by way of laser light, LED light, infrared light, red light therapy is therapeutic, and it does deliver on a long list of health benefits so much so that you may not have to look away.

All the best!

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