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Relax FIR Sauna Reviews: Best Portable Medical Grade FIR Sauna

Are you looking for an honest unbiased Relax FIR sauna reviews, then you are the one this post is for.

A new entrant into the market of portable infrared saunas, relax sauna claimed to be the world’s best portable medical grade far infrared sauna.

Could that be true?

Well, let’s find out in this work on Relax FIR sauna reviews.

A quick mention here: Relax sauna has proven to help patient with chronic Lyme disease and arthritis.

At least some customers on Amazon witnessed that they received help from the use of Relax sauna.


Relax FIR Sauna Reviews

Relax FIR Sauna is a new entrant into the world and market of far infrared saunas.

Yet, it is one of the best portable far infrared sauna with low EMF on the market-one we can refer to as best low EMF infrared sauna.

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna provides close to 100 percent far infrared to relieve pain and inflammation.



Not every infrared sauna on the market that claims to utilize the far infrared heat and technology provides up to 20 percent far infrared.

But the Relax sauna does provide 95 to 100 percent far infrared.

No doubt this far infrared sauna has amazing long term health benefits.

It helps to detoxify the body, heal wounds, relaxes, and even energizes.

Plus, it is great for beauty care, weight loss, cleansing, better blood circulation and even lower blood pressure.

Perhaps, the best feature of the Far Infrared Relax sauna is that it is EMF antidote.

You care about EMF that’s why you want the best low EMF portable infrared sauna on the market.

Perhaps, you may have even been harmed by EMF through the use of saunas in the past, now this far infrared sauna is what you need to heal.

It is designed actually to counter the effect of EMF.

Relax Far Infrared sauna is loaded with whole lots of health benefits than you may have known.



Features of the Far Infrared Relax Sauna Amazing Long Term Health Benefits NEW

There are several features that make every far infrared sauna on the market unique and in its own class.

Though most of these features are similar – common to all portable saunas, yet some of these FIR saunas have unique features that set them apart from all others.

Now, let’s see for what relax sauna is up to as we progress in our work on Relax FIR sauna reviews.

Almost 100 percent Far Infrared

Relax infrared sauna provides and delivers therapeutic far infrared heat way more than most far infrared saunas on the market.

Not every infrared sauna on the market that claims to utilize the far infrared heat and technology provides up to 20 percent far infrared.

But the Relax sauna does provide 95 to 99 percent far infrared fully absorb-able by the body and all its deep tissues.

This is one reason why the Relax FIR Sauna is acclaimed medical grade infrared sauna.

With far infrared, Relax Sauna is able to provide advanced degree of relief from pain and inflammation; it is also able to induce detoxification and the release of heavy metals from the body.


Ultra Low EMF

The Relax far infrared sauna among many other features is an ultra low EMF far infrared sauna.

Now, the beautiful thing is that though this sauna is an ultra low EMF sauna, yet it does not even emit EMF inside the sauna at all.

Yes, the only EMF the Relax sauna emits is outside the sauna, even at that the EMF is not strong enough to harm you…way less than 1mG….nothing to cause health hazards.

You may have to check for Relax Sauna EMF rating with this EMF meter (it is about the best EMF meter on the market)

Yet still; the Relax Sauna is even designed to counter the effect of EMF, which means it is an antidote for EMF.

What invention!

If you have suffered from EMF hazards due to the use of far infrared sauna in the past and you are looking for ways to heal from the effect of such EMF hazards, then you need a Relax far infrared portable sauna.

If you care about EMF really (you should of course), and have suffered from EMF health hazards before from the use of a sauna and are now afraid to use saunas, now you are covered with the EMF antidote Relax far infrared sauna.


Ceramic Semiconductor Technology

Again, another beautiful feature of the Relax FIR sauna is that it uses the revolutionary ceramic semiconductor to emit far infrared ray.

The chip is programmed and tuned in the Relax sauna to emit the exact frequency and perfect amount of far infrared that the body can absorb.

The far infrared ray of the Relax FIR sauna is in the range of 4.4 to 14.4 microns.

Plus, the Relax FIR sauna contains 40 of these chips which help the sauna to emit both the highest and the cleanest levels of infrared compared to every other portable infrared sauna on the market today.

Amazing right!


Generates Pure Far Infrared Energy

The Relax far infrared sauna generates about 1500 watts of 95 percent pure far infrared energy compared to other saunas on the market that use about 1000 watts or less to generate  about 5-8 percent tourmaline disks to 36 percent carbon panels of far infrared light.

Truth is, Relax FIR sauna generates about 10 times more far infrared energy than many other saunas out there.

That is why it only takes about 20 to 30 seconds for Relax FIR portable sauna to heat up and about 8 minutes to start sweating.

All the time you need to completely sweat in a Relax FIR sauna is just 15 to 20 minutes, then you can be sure you had had the sauna bath of your time…and that’s may just be all for the day.


Comfortable Chair

Again another feature to look out for in the Relax FIR sauna is its comfortable chair.



This portable FIR sauna comes with a more than comfortable chair, sturdy enough to hold even those on the big side.

Plus, the Relax sauna comes with a double radiator that can lasts up to 40 years and also uses medical device technology to deliver sufficient far infrared radiation that the money can buy.

This is the very same technology that natural health clinics in the most advanced countries of the western world use.

Something about the Relax far infrared sauna!

A real medical device!


Nylon Tent with a Coating of Real Silver

Many of the saunas out there come with 20 to 25 square feet of corrugated plastic or cheap satin to hold up the far infrared panels.

But the Relax FIR sauna comes with a Nylon tent of a real silver coating that acts as a reflector of the far infrared light.



That way, there’s no off-gassing.

With the stainless steel inside the sauna, you are able to pop the tent upright and also fold the tent such that it can even fit into a carrying bag and a regular 28 inches suitcase.

This sauna is flexible and portable indeed…you can travel with it anywhere in the world without having to pay additionally the excess baggage fee.


Heats Up Quickly/With a Handheld Remote Control

One thing about the Relax FIR sauna is that it heats up pretty quickly.

So you don’t have to wait everlasting for your sauna to heat up.

In just about 30 seconds, the Relax far infrared sauna is heated enough for a session. And in 2-5 minutes, you are having the best of warmth and almost close to maximum temperature.

To be candid, few minutes in Relax FIR sauna, you are almost close to 120 -140 degree Fahrenheit.




But still since the sauna comes with two radiators and each radiator has its own on/off switch, you can turn off if needed any of the radiators. That way you are able to enjoy longer session in the sauna.

But what if you start feeling real too hot?

Well then just simply unzip the middle zipper (in about 1-12 inches) and you will be at a very comfortable and convenient temperature while at the same time enjoying all the health benefits of using the Relax FIR sauna.

Plus, with the silver coating of the tent, the sauna is able to mirror the light (it is actually this resonating light in the sauna that produces the amazing health benefits of increasing your core body temperature, mobilizes the lymph and increase the micro-circulation and not just the heat) so you can get every part of your body in front of the fir ray.

All this is even made much more easy to use through its handheld digital remote control.


Safe to Use

The other feature to consider in a Relax sauna is the safety that comes with use.

You are not in any way exposed to harmful EMF radiation.

It is safe for people of all ages.

No skin burn whatsoever in a Relax FIR sauna no matter how long you use or stay in a session.

Plus, it is no water, no mess, far infrared sauna.


Portable FIR Sauna

Among many other things, the Relax FIR Sauna is portable and travel friendly.



It is easy to set up and use, fold up after use and to carry in its travel carry bag.

Easy to clean and maintain, the Relax sauna requires no water and no pre-heating.


Competitive Price

Because of the long term amazing health benefits of Relax far infrared sauna, it offers a market competitive price that is a little bit higher than many other portable far infrared saunas on the market.

But what does it matter!

How much will you pay to heal and to stay healthy?

Health is wealth.



Amazing Long Term Heath Benefits of Relax Far Infrared Sauna

There are whole lots of amazing long term health benefits that the Relax FIR sauna delivers.

It‘s about time we take a look at some of them at this junction in this work on Relax FIR Sauna Reviews.

1. The Relax sauna has proven overtime to help remove heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and antimony from the body.

2. Like many other acclaimed far infrared sauna on the market, Relax sauna helps relieves body pain and inflammation.

3. If you are a busy person, all you need is a 15 minute session in a Relax sauna and you have the same benefits of having to work out in a Gym or jogging.

It is a great substitute for workout for busy people.

4. Again, Relax sauna provides for anti aging.

It actually helps to slow down the aging process by way of weight loss and promotion of healthy functional skin.

5. Through the 95 to 100 percent pure far infrared radiation that the Relax infrared sauna delivers, it helps to promote the elimination of body toxins and chronic illnesses like Lyme disease.

6. Again, Relax FIR sauna helps relieves tension in bones, muscles and joints.

7. Plus, it helps the body to consume calories and burn fats all by way of far infrared radiation resonating light that makes you sweat in the sauna.



8. Again, the Relax FIR sauna is credited with ability to promote healing of wounds and deep sores while at the same time helping the body to prevent disease and abnormal cell growth.

Since it prevents diseases and abnormal cell growth, then you can be sure it will aid in wound healing and deep sores.

9. Again, the Relax sauna by way of the FIR ray helps to lower blood pressure, improves blood circulation, metabolism and renewal of cells.

10. It is also a known fact that FIR saunas help to exercise blood vessels for improved blood flow.

The Relax sauna does this too.

11. Plus, it also helps in waste, cholesterol and in the removal of fats from the body.

12. Through sweat, the Relax sauna helps to reduce blood glucose level and uric acid level.

13. Plus, the Relax sauna has the ability through FIR radiation to reach the deepest parts of the body-body’s deep tissues and that way is able to activate the body sweat glands in seconds.

14. Relax sauna like very many other far infrared saunas on the market has proven to help with cardiovascular (heart) problems.

Heat, far infrared radiant heat is therapeutic even for heart problems.

This is known fact.


Relax Infrared Reviews: Customers Rating and Scores

At this time in this work on Relax FIR Sauna Reviews, it’s about time we drive home our points with actual customers rating and scores on Amazon so we can have complete confidence in the long term health benefits that the sauna promises.

No doubt a new entrant into the world and market of far infrared sauna, the Relax Far Infrared Sauna is making its way into the heart of users since particularly because it promises to heal from EMF.

Plus, it is made of the most love-able, desirable, flexible but tough satin polyester material (not plastic) and weights about 26 pounds.

You will love the feel of the material.

At the time of this writing, the Relax Far Infrared Sauna has 27 customer reviews at Amazon with 4.6 star score rating our possible 5.

But that’s not all.

The best part is 78 percent of customers (21 out 27 at the time) will recommend the Relax Far Infrared Sauna to their friends and family.

This is a best buy on low EMF infrared sauna.

The only downside of this portable sauna is that it is quite expensive…more expensive than every other portable infrared sauna on the market today.

But you would love this unit for all the long term amazing health benefits it offers.




Wrapping up

You have seen in this post on Relax FIR sauna reviews, all the amazing long term health benefits that the Relax FIR sauna promises.

What’s more, you have also seen that this sauna is safe to use, doesn’t cause skin burn and does not emit EMF…only emits ultra low EMF outside the sauna not enough to cause any health hazards.

So what are you waiting for?

Now, if you suffer from chronic Lyme disease and arthritis, you have in your hand now a natural pain free and drug free cure.

I guarantee that you will find help with this portable sauna.

However, you have got to make your choice and test out your healing.

That decision is completely up to you.

Whatever your decision, I trust that this post on Relax FIR sauna reviews will be beneficial to you and will most likely help you make a most informed buying decision as far  Relax infrared sauna is concerned.

All the best!

Heal with infrared.


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