Should You Shower After Infrared Sauna?

One common question among infrared sauna users is: should you shower after infrared sauna?

If you are one of the increasing numbers of infrared sauna users, then this post is our attempt to answer your question.

But come to think of it; should you shower after infrared sauna session seeing that you may have been drenched in sweat?

Isn’t that a healthy thing to do?

Here’s why we think you should.




Should You Shower After Infrared Sauna?

The thing about far infrared saunas (whether blankets, …portable Spa or wood saunas) is that you detoxify your system majorly through perspiration.

When the sauna far infrared heat penetrates deep into your body, your body core temperature is raised and its pores are opened, and then sweat flow freely expelling toxins and solid metals from the body.

And when you are done with your session, these toxins will of course stick to your skin, so a warm bath wouldn’t be a bad idea seeing it will help remove the sweat and toxins lurking on your skin.

Now that these toxins are out of your body, we think it best to completely get rid of them by taking a warm shower.

That way, you are completely clean and ridden of whatever leftovers of toxins that may be remaining on your skin.


Why Warm Shower?

We think that taking a cold shower will quickly close up the pores that have been opened in your skin.

Plus, you don’t just stop sweating the very minute you step out of your sauna, sweating will continue for about another 5 to 15 minutes, and may be more.

So taking a cold bath will cover up the pores and stop the perspiration.

So best practice is to take a warm shower to rinse off whatever toxins are left on your skin, that way, you allow the body to continue to expel them some more.


Infrared Sauna Session Best Practice

Here are a few practices that will make your sauna session worthwhile:

Stay Hydrated

Take lots of water before you go in for your sauna session, at least 2 to 3 glasses of water will do.

Just stay hydrated. Remember sweat is on the way-you are going to sweat anyways!


Wait Some Minutes

Don’t rush out into the bathroom for a shower after your sauna session; wait a few more minutes (5 to 15 minutes) to finish off sweating before you take your bath.

Your core body temperature has been raised and even when you’re done with your session, sweating will continue….and it will take the body time to cool off and calm down.

So allow perspiration to continue a while before taking your bath.


Stay Hydrated Again

Of course, you needed to drink plenty of water before you went in for your sauna session, and now that you are done with your session, you need to stay hydrated gain.

A few cups of water (preferably warm water) after your sauna session will even help to push out some more toxins.

Water in your system again will help your body release more toxins now that your body temperature is still high and you are still having your feast of sweat.


Take A Warm Shower Bath

Now that your body temperature is gradually coming down to normal and sweating is slowing down, then it’s time to take a warm shower to completely cleanse your skin of toxins and sweat from your sauna session.

So should you shower after infrared sauna?

That’s a good practice.

But be sure that you do not take a cold shower so as not to close up the pores that have been opened in your skin.

And don’t use soap when taking your shower; just wash off the skin with warm water.

Plus, don’t rush to applying lotion or deodorant on your skin immediately after shower, this will automatically stop the perspiration.

A warm shower will keep the pores opened so you can continue but slowly get rid of more toxins and metals for a while even after you have had your shower bath.


Relax A While

You don’t need to rush out after an infrared sauna session.

Saunas are relaxing, except that you have to catch up with appointments and work, it will be best for you to really take the time to relax after your sauna session.

Since infrared saunas emit negative ions, which deliver soothing and calming effect for your nerves, you will find a great time of rest and peaceful sleep when you relax.

Your mind will truly relax after a sauna session, so try and sleep.

And this is cool for you if you engage in creative thinking and meditation.

Negative ion infrared sauna is a great mind booster and cure for insomnia.


Clean Your Infrared Sauna

Another practice that most users of infrared sauna overlook is the practice of cleaning their saunas regularly.

To keep the bacteria’s out of your sauna unit, you must clean it regularly.

Best practice is to clean after each use, but if you are a very busy person, then clean once in a week.

Cleaning your sauna, will keep your sauna unit fit to serve you for a long time and will most importantly completely eliminate your risk of bacterial infection.

Sweats and odors need to be regularly and completely cleansed off your sauna to keep it healthy and to last you for a long time.


Tip: Read our detailed guide on:


Wrapping up

Truth is, there are no hard and fast rules as to how you should have your sauna sessions and what you should do afterwards.

But it is best practice to do some things as listed above.

So, should you shower after infrared sauna?

It is best practice to do so.

But do not forget that to get the best out of your infrared sauna session, what you do before and after count.

Stay hydrated before and when you are done with your session, relax a while, then take warm bath and seek to relax.

When you put all these together, you will have rewarding sauna sessions with lots of health benefits.

Whether you goal is detoxification, slimming, pain relief, weight loss, or just pure relaxation, the practices above will be mostly beneficial to you.

All the best!

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