Synergy Sauna Reviews: Ultra Low EMF & Low Price Portable Sauna

Want to know about the Synergy Portable Indoor Far Infrared Sauna; then this post on Synergy Sauna Reviews is what you need, your real guide.

Synergy sauna!

Is this a new entrant into the market and world of sauna?

May be….maybe not.

But do you want an ultra low EMF and low priced portable infrared sauna?

Then the Synergy Portable Indoor Infrared Sauna may just be what you are looking for.


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Synergy Sauna Reviews: Low EMF, Low Price Portable Indoor Infrared Sauna

The Synergy FIR portable sauna is one of the best low EMF portable saunas on the market with low and affordable price.

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A full spectrum sauna (meaning it emits both the near and far infrared ray), the Synergy sauna emits FIR ray of wavelengths between 7 and 14 um (micrometers).

It heals skin problems making for anti aging and improved skin (that is particular with near infrared) while at the same delivers deep therapeutic heat that helps heal deep tissues and organs of the body by way of far infrared.

Of course is that the far infrared range of wavelength is most beneficial to the human body because it is a longer penetrating wave.

Made from bamboo fabric and not synthetic material, the Synergy sauna is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, non toxic, durable, long lasting and delivers on the best therapeutic heat that most saunas around deliver.

Plus, the Synergy sauna is an ultra low EMF and ultra low ELF sauna that money can buy.



Features of Synergy Sauna- Portable Indoor Infrared Sauna

Full Spectrum far Infrared Sauna

Being full spectrum infrared sauna, Synergy sauna is able to provide the functions and benefits of a near infrared, mid infrared and a far infrared.

This kind of sauna functions on the three levels of infrared – near, mid and far, – providing different healing responses.

Synergy sauna both provide cure for skin surface problems as well as deep tissue related health problems.


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Autonomous Heating System/Panel

The Synergy sauna comes with an autonomous heating system built inside of the sauna and in particular for the feet.

With the heating system, it is able to generate far infrared heat that is at temperature reaching up to 113 to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

Plus, the heating panels come with embedded black tourmaline stones which help to ground EMF and keep it real low.

I suppose you know about the very many health benefits of the natural tourmaline crystal!


Ultra Low EMF and ELF

The Synergy sauna is an ultra low EMF sauna that does not pose health hazards whatsoever.

It actually comes with ultra low EMF carbon heating panels of less than 3mG.

You can check with this EMF meter if you want.

Plus, the Synergy FIR sauna comes with extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation of about 150mV to 200mV-electric field(s) way below the concern level of 1000mV.



Sweat Collars

Every portable far infrared sauna comes with a zipper and comfortable washable sweat collar that makes for ease of use.

synergy sauna reviews

The Synergy sauna is not left out.

Its sweat collars are removable and re-washable.

And it even comes with extra sweat collars for you.


Far Infrared Ray

It is with the far infrared ray that infrared saunas generate and deliver therapeutic heat to body deep tissues for pain relieve, perspiration and circulation.

But the trouble with a lot of saunas is that they provide more heat and less infrared.

But the Synergy sauna does provide about 87 percent far infrared radiation and just only 13 percent.

That’s commendable.

That comes close behind the Relax far infrared sauna that provides 95 to 99 percent of far infrared with less and less heat.


Made From Bamboo Fabric

The thing about bamboo fabric is that they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial and a renewable material that is non toxic and does not gas off harmful chemicals.

The material with which the Synergy sauna is made of is able to resist mold, moisture and sweat while at the same combating bacteria and viruses that may want to house themselves inside the sauna due to sweat and heat.

This is a great advantage as many other portable infrared saunas use rubber and synthetic material for tent.

You do not need to worry much how best possible ways to clean your sauna just so you can keep the bacteria out….bamboo fabric keeps the toxin out all the time..



Temperature Control

Among the essential features of the Synergy sauna is its temperature that ranges from 113 to 140 degree Fahrenheit and temperature control both for the interior of the sauna and also for the foot session.

So you have a sauna unit with temperature that you can adjust at will whether for the interior or foot section.

I suppose you have the flexibility to control and set temperature for any part of the body with this one of kind far infrared sauna.


Folding Portable Chair and Sauna Weight

The Synergy Sauna weights a little above 20 pounds with a dimension of about 46 x 33 x 5.5 inches in the overall…packaging included.

synergy sauna reviews

And it comes with a folding portable chair to sit in.

This chair is strong enough to resist those on the big side.


Portable FIR Sauna

Portability is at the heart of this sauna.

It is a single person low price portable infrared sauna.

Designed to be used at home…in your own home and at your convenience, it delivers therapeutic benefits in a 10 minute session that compare to 30 minutes of jogging or workout in a gym.


Ozone Generator and Negative ions Therapy

Among other features of the Synergy sauna is that it comes with a built ozone generator that helps to keep the sauna bacteria free, plus, it also emit negative ions.

synergy sauna reviews

Do you know something about negative ions?

That’s something you will find in the most advance and expensive saunas on the market.


Low Price

One of the very best features of the Synergy infrared sauna is low its low price.

This sauna unit comes in an extremely competitive price, one that is about the lowest on the market.

Yet it promises whole loads of health benefits as much as the most expensive, fanciful and most advanced saunas on the market.



Health Benefits of Synergy far Infrared Sauna

It is about time we look at some specific health benefits of Synergy sauna in this work on synergy sauna reviews.

1. Synergy sauna helps to induce detoxification of the body, that way you are able to keep toxins out of your body so you can stay healthy and strong.

This far infrared sauna is powerful on detoxification.

2. Synergy sauna helps boost body energy so you can stay alive and up to the game every waking moment.

3. It is proven that weight loss can be achieved through detoxification conditioned by perspiration. Synergy sauna helps you lose weight than you might imagine.

4. Because Synergy sauna helps to boost your immune system and strengthen body cells, then you can be sure that your body will prevent disease from taking hold of it.

Sessions in a Synergy sauna will help strengthen your immune system and help the body fight against anti bodies trying to attack and destroy it.

5. Again, heat therapy helps to reduce inflammation, and this is true of Synergy sauna.

synergy sauna reviews

6. Anti aging and improved skin are also some of the health benefits of infrared sauna.

Being full spectrum, Synergy sauna delivers anti aging benefits and a great deal of healthy and improved skin.

7. Studies have shown that far infrared have the ability to bring soothing and calming effect to the mind which makes for clearer thinking.

If you have problem with clear thinking, then a Synergy far infrared sauna may just be the way out.

8. Again, since the Synergy sauna is radiates near infrared as well, then it has ability to help with healthier hair.

It is important that you know that near infrared works on the skin and all the outer parts of the body while the far infrared rays works on deep tissues of the body.

So with the near infrared feature of the Synergy sauna, hair health, skin rejuvenation and anti aging are all taken care of!

See what you got with the Synergy sauna?

9. Again, Synergy sauna makes for improvement of blood flow and circulation.

The deep far infrared penetrating heat raises core body temperature resulting is improved blood circulation.

10. Last but not the least, Synergy sauna like very many other saunas on the market brings the feeling of well-being and overall health and wellness …something that every sane mind craves for.

You have and can achieve it in the confines of your living room without having to go for a workout in a gym or jogging.

Nobody says that workout in a gym or jogging isn’t good. But not everybody can afford that time, more so there patients with low exercise tolerance and capabilities.

So what, sessions in an infrared sauna helps such patients get the benefits of exercise without them having to physically engage in active exercise.

What are you waiting for?



13 Reasons Why You Should Chose the Synergy Sauna

1. Synergy sauna is easy to fold and store away between uses.

It just only weights 20 pounds.

2. Synergy sauna comes in a non toxic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial renewable bamboo material.

So you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals, bacteria and viruses when the sauna is heated and you have sweated.

3. The Synergy Sauna comes with a built in ozone generator that helps to specifically keep the sauna free of bacteria.

Isn’t that worthwhile?

4. Apart from the sweat collars that come with the Synergy sauna, it also comes with extra additional removable and re-washable sweat collars to go change with.

5. Synergy sauna like every other portable sauna comes with a fold-able portable desirable chair to sit in….strong enough to carry your body weight.

6. Plus, the Synergy sauna is a full spectrum sauna….so you get two in one sauna features and functionality in just this one sauna.

synergy sauna reviews

7. The Synergy sauna is ultra low EMF and ELF too.

8. Again, this sauna comes in two sauna setting of therapy mode and sauna mode….you can chose from the two settings at will depending on what you want…maybe just a sauna bath or a real therapy session.

9. Plus, the Synergy sauna affords you the flexibility of separate temperature control for foot heater session and also the interior heat panels inside the sauna.

10. Synergy sauna offers great enduring temperature levels of 113 to 140 degree Fahrenheit that you can adjust at will.

11. The Synergy sauna emits commendable 87 percent far infrared and just only 13 percent heat…what most far infrared saunas does not do.

12. The Synergy sauna unit comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day return policy on all purchases.

13. The Synergy sauna afford you the flexibility of long or short sessions in the sauna (from 5 to 95 minutes) since you can set temperature at lower levels for long use and also at high levels for quick sessions.

What are you still waiting for?



Synergy Sauna Reviews:Tips to Using A Sauna

1. You must remain properly hydrated

2. And you must quickly and as soon as possible replenish minerals lost through sweating.


Wrapping up

You have patiently gone through this tedious and often repetitive Synergy sauna reviews and I am sure you learnt something.

The whole essence of this work on Synergy sauna reviews actually is to help you with information that will help you decide if this sauna is good for you.

Now, you bet, you have a handful of such information.

Rest assured that this is only a guide post on Synergy sauna reviews, the choice of purchase is entirely up to you.

But if you decide that you have ample information about Synergy sauna in this work on Synergy sauna reviews and are ready to make the transition from just information to purchase, then congratulations, you have taken the right step.

So what!

Indulge yourself and give yourself the best treat of a full spectrum infrared sauna with all the health benefits that come with it.

Health is wealth.

All the best!

Heal with infrared.


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