Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad (Reviews)

Let me introduce you to the Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad, one of the best far infrared heating pads on the market.

This far infrared heating pad by Venture Heat is particularly designed for deep tissue pain relief.Plus, it is drug-free natural therapeutic pain reliever for joint pain, muscle stiffness, upper and lower back pain, body cramps and pinches, soreness and stress.

Large enough (XXL) to be wrapped over entire body surface area – large area of the body, the Venture Heat far infrared heating pad can be used on the neck, shoulders, back, knees, legs, ….it can also help with relief from arthritis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia and more.

Truth is, you can stimulate your own body’s healing force with this drug-free natural therapeutic pain reliever.

So now let’s take a close look at what the Venture heat far infrared heating pad is all about and can do for you.


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Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad Reviews 2020

Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad for Deep Tissue Pain Relief (36” x 24” XXL)

The Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad is an ultra large far infrared heating pad that uses carbon fiber to produce and deliver safe far infrared heat to pain areas of the joints and muscles of the body for speedy healing.

This heating pad produces deep soothing relief by improving blood flow and oxygen level of the body so it can naturally heal itself.



Amazingly, the venture heat far infrared heating pad through the power and technology of far infrared heat can stimulate the body to release endorphins (your body’s natural pain blocker).

When the endorphin is released, it goes to fight pain in your body and this result in pain relief.

Plus, this far infrared heating pad also increases your body’s cell repairs and of course stimulates greatly your body’s blood flow into pain areas resulting in natural cure.

Don’t forget that increase in blood flow and oxygen to pain area is the body’s natural way of healing deep tissues.

The power of far infrared in this infrared heating pad secures all these health benefits for you.



Special Features of Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad

The venture heat far infrared heating pad unit has same very features of some of the most advance and top rated far infrared heating pads on the market.

Here are the most important:

Hypoallergenic Fleece/Nylon Material

The venture heat far infrared heating pad is made of soft hypoallergenic fleece lining that does not cause allergy.

Great for people with allergies, this hypoallergenic material is also antibacterial, anti dust and mites.


Plus, the material is flexible and can be used over large body surface area.

The material does not cause skin burn or scalding sensation…it is just rock solid, fully waterproof, durable and yet soft.


Half Body Size

Closely related to the material the heating pad is made of is another fact: the heating pad is flexible enough to be wrapped around almost entire half of the body.

You have a far infrared heating pad that almost competes in size with some of the full body size infrared heating pads on the market.


10 Hour Auto Shut Off

This infrared sauna comes with an auto shut off that you can set for 10 hours or less.

venture heat far infrared heating pad


It is common to fall asleep in a far infrared therapy session, so with the auto shut off set, you can be sure that if you fall asleep in a session, the timer will take care of the rest…shut it off for your safety.


Travel Heating Pad

Another beautiful thing you will enjoy with this heating pad is its flexibility.

You can travel with it anywhere in the world.

venture heat far infrared heating pad


It doesn’t take up much space in your luggage and it uses low voltage.

So you are likely going to be able to use it anywhere in the world no matter how low voltage is in the place.


FDA Registered

The Venture Heat far infrared heating pad among other things is registered and certified safe for infrared therapy with the FDA.

So you have nothing to fear about how safe this heating pad could be.


Waterproof Digital LED Temperature Controller

You would need a digital controller all the time you are having a session so you can always adjust and readjust settings whenever.

This heating pad makes room for that.


It actually comes with a waterproof digital LED temperature controller.

With it, you can set your heating pad from low to high settings or adjust it from high to medium and low at will.


Non-ionizing EMF (Zero harmful EMF)

Another beautiful thing with the Venture Heat far infrared heating pad is that though it is not emits free, yet it only emits non-ionizing EMF.

Non-ionizing EMFs are EMFs not harmful to the human body.


Carbon Fiber Heating Element

A lot of the infrared heating pads especially electric heating pads use ceramic tubes to heat up.

But the Venture Heat unit is heated with fiber carbon ultra thin element capable of conducting heat efficiently and distributes it evenly.

These unique carbon fiber heating elements are designed in such a way to be very flexible, lightweight and are able to provide smooth comfort.

Low Voltage

A lot of heating pads, particularly the typical electric heating pads use a lot of energy to heat up. And that to an extent increases the money you pay for electricity.

You don’t want a heating pad that will put hole in your pocket or make you spend more than budgeted on energy

The Venture Heat Far infrared Heating pad is designed to use low voltage such that power is not a concern to you any day of anytime.

Particularly, it uses a direct current low voltage of 100 – 240 V…. something you can find almost anywhere in the world.

This infrared heating pad delivers a quick and enduring warm, soothing relief without the need for hotspots and bulky wiring.

It just simply incorporates safe, low voltage heating systems to get comfort and pain relief anywhere and anytime.


3 Heat Settings

This far infrared heating pad comes with 3 heat settings.

These 3 heat settings are low, medium and high.



And you can set the settings that you like.

These heat settings are perfect and easy to set.

Plus, the heating pad heats up quickly so you are not waiting everlasting for your pad to heat up for your session.

All you need do is press the digital led temperature and heat control button to configure and customized your heat between the 3 heat settings for your every session.


Features and Specifications

The venture heat far infrared heating pad has

  • 3 heat settings
  • Is of low voltage
  • Uses carbon fiber heating elements
  • Is FDA Registered
  • Emits non-ionizing EMF
  • Come with a waterproof digital LED temperature controller
  • Is a travel friendly heating pad
  • Comes in a soft hypoallergenic fleece material
  • A 10 hour auto shut off safety
  • Half body length wrap
  • Product Dimension: 36 x 24 x 0.1 inches (XXL)
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Color: Black



Customer Rating and Scores

The Venture Heat Far Infrared heating pad, no doubt is an infrared heating designed to heal deep body tissue.

It is well made, sturdy, light-weight and delivers the best of far infrared heat for pain relief and related problems.

At the time of this writing, the Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating pad has 45 customer reviews on Amazon with a whooping 4.5 stars score rating out of possible 5.

That’s not all.

The best part is 80 percent of customer (36 out of 45 at the time) will recommend the Venture Heat far Infrared Heating Pad to their friends and loved ones without holding back.

This far infrared heating pad is good; it does deliver relief for deep tissue as claimed.

No wonder it is Amazon’s choice of far infrared heating pad for deep tissue pain relief.

This thing delivers lots of health benefits.



Customers’ opinion

On a closer look, we found out that customers on are really happy with the result they get from the use of this heating pad.

It has proven to provider real lasting relief from muscle and joint pain.

It has also proven to be helpful with lower and upper back pain.

This thing is really good for all chronic pain condition, but just makes sure you do not use it on bare skin.

Plus, the pad heats up really quickly and also easy to set and change settings with the controller.


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Wrapping up

The Venture Heat Heating Pad is the go-to area today for fast deep tissue pain relief.

This heating pad is really making its way into the hearts of many users who are loving it.

No matter the pain problem you are dealing with, lower back, upper back, joint pain, muscle stiffness, body cramps and pinches, soreness and stress, you can and will most certainly find help with the use of this far infrared heating pad.

What’s more, you can also be of help to loved ones and elderly ones who are having to deal with arthritis and tendinitis and also those with fibromyalgia.

It can be your best gift for an aged father, mother, uncle or grandfather, grandmother and granduncle.

You will be glad you helped them with this miracle of a heating pad.

Of course it does not have to replace medication, but it is even better than medication because it is a drug-free natural therapy with no side effects whatsoever.

Oh, sorry… with only one side effect – pan relief.

Isn’t that a good side effect?

Here’s the point: I bet you, your choice of the Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating pad for pain relief and cure is going to be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year as far as your health is concerned.

So get one and come share your story with others of how the Venture Heat far Infrared Heating Pad has turned out to be your best infrared heating pad in the long run.

All the best!

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