What Are the Benefits of Tourmaline?

If the question you’re asking is: What are the benefits of tourmaline? Then you are the one this post is for.

Perhaps you own a far infrared heating pad, sauna or mat embedded with the tourmaline healing stone and other stones but you are short of what the benefits of the tourmaline healing stone are, then it’s time you know.

And if you have heard of the power of the tourmaline but never really know what you stand to gain when you use a heating pad or portable far infrared sauna with tourmaline, then this post on what are the benefits of tourmaline may just be it for you.

So let’s talk.

What actually are the benefits of tourmaline!


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What are the Benefits of Tourmaline

jade vs tourmaline heating padThe tourmaline stone alongside (Jade, Amethyst and Obsidian stone) is one of the healing stones embedded in far infrared heating pads, mats and saunas.

The stone is a great conductor of the far infrared radiation, but best of all is its power and ability to generate and emit negative ions when heated.

Now, there are a lot of oriental beliefs, practices and stories surrounding the tourmaline, but we are not going to bore you with that, rather we are going to show you the benefits of the tourmaline from scientific point of view and what it can do for you today.


13 Health Benefits of the Tourmaline

1. The Tourmaline emits negative ions: What makes the tourmaline different from other healing stones is its ability to emit negative ions when heated. So if you are looking for where to get negative ions (considering the very many health benefits negative ions offer), then you should consider an infrared device – heating pad, mat or portable sauna that comes embedded with the tourmaline stone.

Plus, it is this ability to emit negative ions that makes Tourmaline great for calming of nerves!

2. The Tourmaline helps with improved blood circulation: combined with far infrared, the tourmaline helps to improves blood circulation by raising the body’s core temperature…and the benefits – perspiration, pain relief and more.

3. Helps with insomnia, stress, fatigue and depression: One thing about negative ions is its soothing calming effect on the mind. So with the tourmaline emitting negative ions, you stand the best chance for cure for insomnia, stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. Don’t joke with negative ions when you are dealing with insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression.

4. Helps with detoxification: make no mistakes about it, the tourmaline is a great catalyst to detoxification. When combined with the far infrared radiant heat, the tourmaline helps the body achieved a deep level of detoxification that about invigoration and alertness.

5. The Tourmaline has been proven to help support the liver and kidneys. It is said that it helps supports most internal organs of the body so they can increase functionality. Through the power of far infrared radiation, the tourmaline is able to do this.

6. The cause of many problems in the body today is toxins. But thanks to the tourmaline and far infrared radiation which help in the elimination of toxic metals from the body by way of perspiration.

7. Did you ever wonder why beauticians and professional SPA use far infrared heating pads and saunas for therapy? One of the reasons is the result it has on the skin. Tourmaline producing negative ions increases collagen production that helps with skin cells regeneration.

8. Tourmaline helps to boost and strengthen the immune system: The stronger and more active your immune system, the better your chances to resist diseases. With the tourmaline, your immune system is strengthened and empowered to defend your body against aliens.

9. The Tourmaline among many other things is said to reduce intestinal problems. Did you ever wonder why your indigestion problem is reduced after a consistent use of infrared heating pads? This is also the way it helps with menstruation pains.

10. The tourmaline helps to increase oxygen in the blood. One reason for body pain is when oxygen is no longer supplied to the pain part of the body. But with far infrared and tourmaline, blood flow is increased with sufficient oxygen to these pain areas and the result is almost always instant pain relief.

11. Talk about mood enhancer, the tourmaline is great mood booster. It actually foster healthy mood.

12. The tourmaline may help with greater performance. It helps you recover fast after workout and also help to boost your sexual stamina and vitality.

13. The many other things that the tourmaline does are that it helps support fat loss, reduces lactic acids and freely fatty acids. Plus, it helps the body to reduce water retention, that way fatty compounds are not stored in the body.


Where Do I Get Tourmaline?

If you are like me, now that you at least are abreast with a handful of what are the benefits of tourmaline, then the next question might be: okay, where do I get tourmaline.

Now, if that’s you, then let me endeavor to answer your question.

You can get tourmaline if you’re able to get the gemstone itself. But that may be time consuming and sometimes crazy.

Yet you can get refined tourmaline from bracelets, necklaces and pendants. And you can get tourmaline from air purifiers and humidifiers.

But the problem with tourmaline on bracelets and pendants is that the tourmaline is not able to get deep into your organs where it is needed to aid with issues like insomnia and anxiety.

That’s because those items are not working on the principle of the far infrared radiation.

For us, we believe one of the best ways to harness and enjoy the benefits of the tourmaline is through a far infrared device – heating pads and portable saunas.

With the far infrared technology device, the tourmaline is able to heat up, produce negative ions (which adds another layer of health benefits), and then it is transported about 6 inches deep into your body reaching down to the brain, cells, blood, organs, tissues…and the effect is amazing!

The surest path to getting tourmaline and to enjoying the many health benefits it promise is through infrared heating pads and saunas.


Far Infrared and Negative Ions

The power of far infrared is something you must not underestimate. We are talking about heat (light) that is able to go 6 inches deep into your body.

And when combined with negative ions, the duo is healing and health.

And the tourmaline (looking at what are the benefits of tourmaline), is the number one healing stone that emit negative ions.

So, if you are looking at enjoying the blessedness of far infrared and negative ions with a tourmaline, then all you need is a far infrared heating pad and or sauna, and then you are all set to go.


Tourmaline Infrared Heating Pad

Now, that you know that one of the best ways to get tourmaline is through an infrared device, wouldn’t it be okay to check out some of the best tourmaline infrared heating pads on market?


UTK Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad

Chief among tourmaline far infrared heating pad is the UTK Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad.

It is one of the bestselling and top rated far infrared heating pads on the market.

You cannot go wrong with this heating pad.


Charmed Infrared Mat Pad

Another tourmaline heating pad that you may catch your fancy is the Charmed Infrared Heating Pad.

This infrared heating pad mat comes with high concentration of the tourmaline healing gem among other stones.

This pad mat is a top rated and also one of the bestselling infrared heating pads on the market.


Tourmaline Far Infrared Sauna

What are the benefits of tourmaline?

You can be sure that one of the ways to enjoying the benefits of tourmaline is through the use of portable infrared sauna unit.

The portable sauna has a way of transporting deep into the body the tourmaline negative ions power and other health benefits like no other far infrared device.

And thank goodness; this portable far infrared sauna emits the tourmaline.

This one too!


Does Tourmaline Produce Negative ions?

Yes, the number one power and usefulness of the tourmaline stone is its ability to produce and emit negative ions when heated.

The tourmaline gives off negative ions with far infrared particular when it works with a far infrared technology device.

That way, you can be sure that the negative ions effect will get to the heart, mind, kidney, liver; all the deep organs of the body…all this through the power of the far infrared technology.

We do not know any other way you can get the tourmaline to reach the body’s deep tissues and organs other than through the far infrared radiant heat.



What are the benefits of the tourmaline?

From negative ions to support for the liver and kidney, to helping with insomnia and improving blood flow, detoxification, mood enhancement, better and improved performance, increased oxygen to the blood, fatty loss and skin health, the tourmaline has lots and loads of benefits.

What’s more?

The power of the tourmaline is harnessed fully and at its best when it works combined with far infrared.

So, all you need now is a far infrared device, heating pad, portable sauna, mats and mattresses and lots more to tell the story of the beauty of the tourmaline.

Don’t look away from any of these devices, the gains are way more that the price.

So what?

Go get an infrared device and go enjoy your far infrared sessions savoring in the power of the tourmaline healing stone.

Health is wealth.

All the best!

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