What Is Low EMF? {On Your Infrared Device}

Our focus today is on low EMF; what is low EMF, to be precise!

These days where infrared therapy is one of the major ways to naturally relief pain, lose weight and detoxify, it will be important that you are sure that the EMF levels of these devices are low and of safe exposure level.

If you find help from the use of infrared saunas, infrared heating pads, fir mats and sauna blankets, then you will want to be sure too that these devices and wraps have safe EMF exposure level.

This is so because you are going to be in these things for several minutes of therapy session almost every day.

You will want to know if the devices have low EMF rating that will not cause you additional health hazards.

Your concerned about the level of EMF they emit is justifiable.

So then let’s now consider what is low EMF, and also how you can check if your fir sauna, mat, heating pad or blanket is low on EMF.


What Is EMF Safe Exposure Level?

The EPA recommend that safe level of EMF is about 0 to 3.5mG, anything more than that is not healthy and will cause harm to the body.

what is low emf

And please don’t be fooled into believing that these devices (of infrared saunas, infrared heating pads, fir mats and sauna blankets) are EMF free, as long as they are electrical device they must emit EMF.

What you should be concerned about though is the level of EMF they emit.

Is it high, low or ultra low?

You need a low to ultra low EMF fir sauna, mat, blanket and heating pad if you don’t want to risk another health hazards.


17 Facts About EMF That You May Not Know About

We think there are some things you may need to know about EMF.

Here are about 17 of them:

1. EMFs are electric and magnetic fields.

They are invisible areas of energy usually called radiation.

It is an invisible line of force that emanates from electrical and wireless devices.

2. EMFs are natural and also man-made.

3. EMFs are categorized into two radioactivity areas characterized by wavelengths of frequency.

These categories are (1) non-ionizing and (2) ionizing

what is low emf

4. The non-ionizing radioactive categories are low level radiation which is harmless to the human body.

Your electricity and appliances emits the low level non ionizing EMFs….not harmful to the human body.

5. The ionizing radioactive categories have high level of radiation with potential cellular and DNA damage.

This high frequency EMFs are generated by almost all your wireless devices…..talk about your mobile phone and handset.

6. The ionizing high frequency EMFs are man-made and are dangerous and harmful to the body.

7. The body has its natural EMF.


8. You need some EMF to survive daily that’s why God designed your Body to have natural EMF.


9. Man-made EMF from electric powers, cell phones, computers and other forms of lighting affect our immune system, weaken our cells and metabolism.

what is low EMF

10. EMFs tend to pose health problems like Alzheimer, cancers, headaches and other health challenges.

11. Your Cell phone emits high level of EMF than you probably thought.

12. Man-made EMF are the greatest dangers to you and family health.

13. There’s probably a high level of EMF at your house already.

14. All electrical devices emit EMF, but it is possible for you to be protected from high level of EMF from these electrical devices.

15. Most devices like FIR saunas, blankets, mats and wraps though emit EMF, today are low on EMF and most always come with EMF blocking layer s to protect you from EMF.

16. There are fir devices like saunas that are specifically designed today to counter the effect of EMF. (See Relax sauna)

How about that?

17. The health benefits you received from infrared therapy far out weights the effects of EMF, more so now that these devices are low to ultra low EMF today.


What Is Low EMF

From the foregoing, we can conclude that a low EMF is EMF level that is not harmful to the body, one that does not pose health hazards.

And since the EPA recommends EMF safe level to be one that is between 0-3.5mG, then low EMF must then be one that falls within that range.

But let us be cleared about something here: if you are using a fir sauna, let us say a portable far infrared sauna, you will find out that the EMF level on the inside of the sauna is different from the outside.

What is important here is to see that the EMF level inside the sauna falls within the EPA safe exposure level.

Once that’s in place, you have nothing to worry about.


How to Check For EMF levels in Your Far Infrared Therapy Device

Well, you cannot check the level of EMF with your natural senses; you will need EMF meters to do this.

And we find out that the TF2 EMF meter gives the best accurate reading for EMF level on any device.

Now if you have the TF2 EMF meter, you can ahead and test for EMF levels in your device.

And of course you can get one on Amazon just now in case you don’t one.

what is low EMF

Let’s go:

1. First of all, check for EMF level in your room or place where you are having your therapy session.

2. Turn your device on and allow it to heat up for 5 to about 15 minutes.

3. Then use your EMF meter to test for EMF level inside of your device (sauna and blanket) or surface of your heating pad wrap or mat.

4. Use your meter to particularly check for EMF rating on the heaters or heating foot pad in the case of a portable sauna.

5. Check for EMF level on the chair and on the collar region.

6. Check for EMF level on the digital controllers for your sauna, blanket, mats and wraps.

7. Write down the results from each area tested.

8. Compare result with EPA 3.5mG recommended safe level.

If the inside of your fir sauna or surface of your heating pad or mat falls within the recommended level, then you are in good shape.

Go ahead continue to enjoy your infrared therapy sessions.

NOTE: A lot of people who opt for infrared therapy for whatever reason (pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, slimming etc) find out that EMF level of even 0-15mG do not cause any health hazards.

So don’t be afraid, if your device is little bit above the EPA recommended safe exposure level.


Final word

From all said and done, we are convinced that low EMF infrared saunas, infrared heating pads, fir mats and sauna blankets will not do you any harm.

On the contrary, the health benefits you enjoy from the use of these devices are enormous.

So to the question: what is low EMF in our context, we conclude that low EMF is EMF level that is minimal enough to not harm you.

what is low EMF

Even if you are not a lover of saunas, it is important to know that a low EMF device will not cause you any harm, you may not even need to worry that much today where we have all types of EMF protection products (bracelet, pendants, cell phones, Computer EMF screen protection) and more.

So, your health is never undermined no matter the gadget you use these days.

You have adequate protection from EMF from almost all electrical gadgets you use today.

Whether your EMF protection product is something you wear, or it is built into your device as is the case of saunas and heating wraps, be rest assured that you are safe and on course with your life and health.

But note; your concern for EMF is a good one.

You cannot afford to be careless with your life.

Protection, they say, is better than cure.

Thank you!

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