What Is PEMF Good For?

If you are one of the many persons who are asking: what is PEMF good for, then this post is for you.

PEMF is a great way to recharge your body cell so it can naturally cure itself of pains, depressions and many other mind-health related problems.

What PEMF therapy actually does in a nutshell is the stimulation of body’s own self healing and regeneration process.


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What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. It is also known as Low Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS).

PEMF is a safe non-invasive healing therapy that helps with brain, joint and depression problems to name a few.

It is a relaxing, non-invasive and drug free way to help recharge and re-energize your internal organs and cell for maximum functionality.

There are a host of health benefits that come with PEMF therapy: prominent among them are:

  • Increase blood flow and circulation
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Speeding bone healing
  • Enhance muscle functions and functionality
  • Stress reduction and its effects
  • Improve blood oxygenation……and more


What is PEMF good for?

Pain, stress and depression are taking their toll on civilization, and yearly, millions of dollars is spent on drugs for the cure or management of these health problems.

Yet, it looks like we are not making headway and let’s not even talk of the side effects that come with the use of these drugs.

Consequent upon that, science (thanks to its many good works) has found that heat (radiation) termed far infrared and then PEMF are a great natural way to heal a lot of these ailments.

So when far infrared (combined with negative ions and healing stones) and PEMF come together, the result is amazing.

Some of which are:

1. Pain relief

Since PEMF stimulate recovery, it works great on bone health issues like arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoporosis, fibromyalgia etc

2. Also works well for brain tumors and depression

PEMF alongside far infrared is one of the surest ways to heal from stress and depression.

3. Helps with the relief of postoperative pain

4. Enhance brain function and performance

PEMF helps to trigger brain cells that make for increase functionality and performance.

5. Helps to reduce inflammation

6. Helps to increase bone strength

7. Helps to promote deep sleep

8. Helps to increase energy, vitality and concentration

9. Helps to reduce fatigue


How Does PEMF work?

PEMF actually emit earth based, low intensity and low frequency gentle electromagnetic waves that are capable of energizing billions of cells (bone cell, skin cell, muscle cell, nerve cells, etc) in our body in other that they may work efficiently and effectively again.

When you think of PEMF, think of it as a charger for charging of your cell phone batteries.

Weak or dead batteries cannot power your gadget, unless recharged.

PEMF recharges body cells and organs so they can continue to function properly and naturally.

So it is safe to compare the effect of PEMF to that of a recharged battery. Life and functionality will return to your gadget when the battery is recharged.

PEMF uses burst of low level magnetic radiation to stimulate body’s deep tissue and organs, that way encouraging the body’s natural healing process.

PEMF therapy stimulates your body’s endorphin (your body’s natural healing power) so that the body is aided to heal damaged tissues, bones, relief pain etc, all by itself.

It actually helps to empower and re-energize your internal organs, cells and tissues so the body can rise to the occasion and heal itself.


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Is PEMF therapy Safe? (PEMF and EMF)

In considering the question: what is PEMF good for? You would also want to know about how safe PEMF therapy is.

PEMF therapy devices emit very low EMF; they operate at a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz, which is way less than 1.9 and 2.2 GHz frequencies generated by mobile phones.

PEMF emits earth based low intensity and low frequency gentle electromagnetic waves that are capable of energizing billions of cells (bone cell, skin cell, muscle cell, nerve cells, etc) in our body in other that they may work efficiently and effectively again

There is even something more: if you are suffering from the effects of EMF, PEMF therapy has proven to help neutralize the harmful effects of toxic EMF radiation.

So with PEMF therapy, you have a ready made on hand cure for toxic EMF health problems.

So, you can verily see that you have nothing to lose with PEMF. Rather the gains, health benefits are amazing.


What is PEMF Good For? Health Benefits of PEMF

What is PEMF good for?

Let us look at this in the light of the very many health benefits PEMF offers.

1. It helps to improve brain function and focus

2. It helps relaxation and sleep. PEMF is good for sleeping disorder, anxiety, stress and depression

3. It helps with cellular detoxification

4. It helps to maximize bone and joint health, great for treating chronic joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, frozen shoulders, fractures, weak bones and other bone conditions

5. It helps with stress reduction

6. It works great for injury recovery and healing


Who Should Not Use PEMF Therapy?

In as much as PEMF therapy delivers a lot of health benefits, yet there are some persons and conditions that do not require PEMF therapy at the time

It is highly recommended that PEMF should not be used during pregnancy. So if you are pregnant woman, you don’t need PEMF therapy.

It is also not to be used by persons with electrical implant. PEMF will not work with such conditions under any circumstances.


Far Infrared and PEMF

We just want to state again that the duo of far infrared and PEMF therapy will deliver some of the most outstanding health benefits to you.

Pain relief, stress relief, depression relief, increased circulation, good sleep and many more health benefits result from a combination of far infrared and PEMF.


Is PEMF FDA Approved?

Many people are concerned about whether PEMF has been approved by FDA or not.

Sure enough, PEMF therapy has gone through several stages of approval by the FDA, and for several health cases thus making it safe for use as far as those health issues are concerned.

PEMF therapy was approved by FDA in 1979 for the healing of nonunion fractures, giving it a pass for treatment of bone related issues.

Again, PEMF therapy received FDA approval in 1998 for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation. So PEMF can help with muscle related issues.

Again, in 2004 and 2006, the FDA approved PEMF for cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non fusion and for treatment of depression and anxiety.

That means PEMF is a good place to look when dealing with metal health issues like depression, stress and anxiety.

Also in 2011, PEMF received FDA approval for the treatment of cancer…you can be sure PEMF will deliver on cancer treatment.

So, PEMF is FDA approved, and most PEMF devices today are FDA approved.


How much does PEMF therapy treatment Cost?

Apart from wanting to know what PEMF is good for, you may also want to know how much PEMF therapy treatment cost.

If you are looking at visiting a wellness professional for PEMF treatment, the cost associated with that is very minimal.

But if you are looking at investing in your own PEMF system, such that you can have the total control of use and time of your device, then you may be looking at several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The choice is yours, it is affordable if your choice is to visit wellness professionals for treatment and it is expensive if you are investing in your device.



By now, we are sure that you are no longer at a loss as to the question of what is PEMF good for!

PEMF is good for many things, it is good for brain, it aids in the cure of stress, anxiety and depression.

To sum up, PEMF helps to stimulate and recharge your body cells so the body can heal itself as occasion demands.

It is a way to help boost your body’s immune system so it can naturally respond with counter attacks any time it faces attacks from ailments.

In all, your investment in a PEMF therapy mat or device will pay off in the long run considering the many healthy benefits it offers to you and your family.

Health is wealth.

All the best!

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