Where Do I Put A Heating Pad For Sciatica?

Today, we are going to answer your question: where do I put a heating pad for sciatica?

If you are suffering from sciatica nerve pain and have decided to go the way of heating pads for cure, then you must know exactly how to use your heating pad to have your desired result.

This is why your question: where do I put a heating pad for sciatica is a legitimate concern.

You must know where exactly to put your heating pad so you can be sure you are treating the problem and not just the symptoms.

This post will help you find out.


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Where Do I Put A Heating Pad For Sciatica?

Where Do I Put A Heating Pad For Sciatica? The best place to put a heating pad for sciatica is the very place where the sciatica pain originates.

And that is your rear pelvic and the lower back.

So if you use your heating pad on your rear pelvic and on the lower back, you can be sure that you are treating the source and root of your sciatica nerve pain.

The moment you handle the root, the relief (heat) will spread and run through the affected areas of the legs, buttocks, hips and thigh, and back.

Yes, you can also use your heating pad on your thigh, buttocks, legs for more effective focused treatment but only after you have used it on the rear pelvic.

And you can use your heating pad at home, while driving and of course in your office.

Best and long lasting result is achieve when you focus concentrated heat on your rear pelvis and lower back.

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Caution With Use

Electric heating pads are known to cause skin burn. So you may risk a burn, scalding or even ulcers if you do not take necessary precaution.

But if you are using far infrared heating pad, you have nothing to fear.

This is because far infrared heating pad does not heat your body but rather delivers 4 to inches deep therapeutic heat that goes into the nerves and tissues.

Infrared heating pad offers a lots of amazing health benefits that are way different from the regular heating pads.

Far infrared is natural and risk free – something you may want to try.

Now if you must use electric heating pad, here’s how to use:

1. Don’t place pad directly on your rear pelvic

2. Rather use a piece of cloth or soft towel on your body before putting on the heating wrap. That way the piece of cloth serve as barrier between your body and the heating pad.

3. Use for about 15 to 20 minutes for every of your sessions.

4. Be sure you do not have implants of any kind in your body during use.

5. Get a little of exercise particularly stretching and or massaging after your session

6. And avoid lifting heavy objects.

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Using A Heating Pad (Electric or Far Infrared Heating Pad)

Although there are several ways to heal from sciatica, like over the counter drugs, exercises, massaging, ice therapy, heat has proven to really help with sciatica nerve pain overtime.

This is why the choice of using a heating pad is not a bad idea at all.

Now heat therapy does a lot:

First, it causes increase in blood flow to the pain area, that way, your blood vessel is dilated and oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the pain area resulting in healing.

Second, heat therapy helps to relax the muscle fibers in the pain area. When spasm and tension are reduced, pain will also reduce.

Thirdly, heat therapy bring lubrication and restores motion to your rear pelvic and the entire lower back region resulting in great relief for your sciatica nerve pain.

Don’t clamp down on heat therapy if you looking for cure for your sciatica.

And this is true whether you are using a traditional electric heating pad or an infrared heating pad.


How To Heal From Sciatica

There are several remedies for sciatica – medication, massages and others. But we found out that heat therapy is one of the best way to heal from sciatica.

This is because heat increases blood flow to pain areas of the body supplying that body energy that makes for healing.

But note that the use of heat does not negate the use of medication too and other forms of relief. .

Whatever the form of healing you opt for, heat therapy will give you a great boost of relief on the way.

Other Things That May Help

While heat therapy is one of the commonly advocated methods of quick recovery from sciatica, you must also consider the additional possibilities of ice therapy, mattresses, and toppers.

Ice therapy gives you instant relief and relief inflammation in the nerve.

Mattresses and toppers are able to provide support for your back, hip and buttocks such that you do not strain these body parts.

Today, there are mattresses and toppers for sciatica.

While you go about your treatment of sciatica using a heating pad, be sure to give your spine additional support with the use of mattresses and toppers.

This way, your path to healing will be a quick one.


What Is Sciatica?

Now, for you who may not be fully informed about sciatica, we think you may need to know a little of it in this post.

The ncbi nih websites  confirms that 5 – 10 % of patients suffering from lower back pain have sciatica.

Sciatica is an inflammation or pain that affects your entire lower back region down to the buttocks, hips and legs.

It is actually caused by an irritation in the sciatica nerve – the largest nerve in the body.

And since this spinal nerve largely connects and controls the lower back and lower regions of the body, the effect of the irritation will be spread all through the lower back, legs, buttocks and thigh.


Causes Of Sciatica?

It is good you know what the causes of sciatica are, so you can completely avoid the risk.

Several things are attributed to causing sciatica

  • One is injury in the lower back
  • Two, a degenerated disc in the lower spine
  • Three, a slipped disc – may be as a result of lifting heavy objects
  • Four, bone spur on your vertebrae colon
  • Five, diabetes and other inflammatory diseases, etc


Symptoms Of Sciatica

When you notice a certain pain that originates from your lower spine and then travel through your buttocks and then to your legs, then you are sure playing with sciatica.

The pain varies: sometimes it can be gentle, and at other times it can be severe, acute, excruciating and sharp.

However the pain, just pay attention to the place it originates (lower spine) and also to the path it travels (buttocks, to the hips and legs).

At other times, the sciatica pain may be associated with numbness, tingling and weakness of muscles in the affected areas of the lower back, legs, buttocks and thigh.

Those are sure sign that sciatica is hitting at your door, eating up your nerves and spine.

How To Prevent Sciatica

Studies have shown that regular exercise (not a rigorous one) is one good way to prevent sciatica

A simple 30 minute walk in a day will go a long way.

Again, the way you sit can help prevent sciatica.

It is best to maintain a proper posture when you sit, have your arms supported (sit on an armchair), level your knee and hip and then you may also use a pillow to support your back, keeping the spine in place.

Stop lifting heaving objects. And if you must do, maintain a proper standing and bending position bringing all your body to bear on the load you want to lift.

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Where do I put a heating pad for sciatica?

The answer is simple.

Put it in your rear pelvic and lower back and you will be sure to be treating the source of your problem.

Put your heating pad also in your thigh, buttocks (by sitting on it) and you can use it on your legs too if you want to achieve maximum result.

But using your heating pad on your legs, buttocks and thigh will only deliver results only after you have used your heating pad on your rear pelvic.

First off, use your heating pad on the root and source of problem – rear pelvic, your spine and then use afterwards on other affected areas.

All the best!

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