Why Do I Feel Worse After Infrared Sauna?

Today, I want us to consider a question that is common with infrared sauna users: Why do I feel worse after infrared sauna?

To put it correctly, this question is common mostly with first time infrared sauna users and not really with people who have become accustomed to infrared saunas.

Infrared sauna offers a host of health benefits, but why is what is suppose to offer you health benefits now make you feel worse.

We know why.

So if you asking: why do I feel worse after infrared sauna, this post is for you!

Either one or all of the following reasons is what makes you feel worse after your infrared sauna session.

Take a look!


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Your Body Is Not Used to Infrared Sauna Yet

why do i feel worse after infrared saunaMost often, your first few sessions in an infrared sauna will break your body. This is because your body is not used to it.

Like every other discipline and routine, you don’t get A+ the very day you started.

Did you remember the first time you trained to run in a marathon, how did your body (muscles and all) respond at the end of the day?

Or did you remember the first time you rode a bicycle up a high rocky hill?

It looked like your muscles were broken, your joints, bones and heart was stressed.

You felt fatigue, exhausted and even feverish.

That was because your body was getting into something that it hasn’t been accustomed to.

The same is true with the use of infrared sauna.


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Why You Feel Worse and Sick After Infrared Sauna

Your first few sessions may make you feel sick.

This is because your body cells are trying to align to something it was never used to.

Don’t forget that 30 minutes in a sauna is like 30 minutes of workout and exercise – it will produce the same effect physical exercise will produce in your body.

Actually, your entire body system is trying to relate with the message of the far infrared radiation, your cells are trying to adjust to accommodate the new information and in a bid to doing that, you will most certainly feel worse.

The sauna is raising your body temperature and that’s affecting your tissues and muscle, your blood flow is increasing and your blood vessels are being dilated.

That’s why you feel worse after your sauna session.

But don’t worry, after a few session, you will begin to notice a change in the way your body now responds to the far infrared sauna wave.

You will have to get used to it and get used to it soon.



Your Infrared Sauna Is Stimulating Your Body With Artificial Fever

why do i feel worse after infrared saunaBecause the sauna environment is hot, initial exposure to the far infrared sauna radiation induces a false fever; your body is actually tricked into believing that it has viral or bacterial infection.

Did you know that a fever in the real world is your body’s natural way to fight illnesses?

When you have an infection, your immune system will automatically induce a fever. The purpose of the fever is to stimulate your immune function so it can fight off the infection and make the body inhabitable for the virus or bacteria.

This is how it works: when you have a fever, your body goes into creating antibodies and blood cells and thereon go to set itself up to fight off the infection it believes it has – the message the fever is communicating to the body.

So when you get a fever, it is because your body is responding with a fight so it can get rid of whatever illness is in there

The sauna does this also by raising your core body temperature with the same intent that a fever has; to stimulate your body’s endorphin so it can fight anything infection or virus that may be interfering with your system.


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So The Sauna Fever Is Good

Don’t forget that the far infrared sauna has so much of health benefits; helping to boost your immune system so it can resist and fight off viral an bacteria attacks is one of them.

And the most valuable way the far infrared sauna does this is to mimic or reproduce a fever in your body so that the body will go off to creating antibodies and blood cells that will go to fighting any infection it believes it has because of the stimulated fever.

So stop the worry, the sauna is working out something good in you.

After your body is completely adjusted to it and has been ridden of hidden illnesses, you will soon found the sauna to be a pleasure.



You Are Staying In The Sauna For Too Long

why do i feel worse after infrared saunaWhy do I feel worse after infrared sauna?

Yea, another reason you feel worse after your infrared sauna session may be because you are staying in it for too long.

As a beginner with far infrared, you don’t have to stay in there for too long.

It is recommended that your first few sessions in your sauna be not more than 15 minutes.

But as you keep getting used to it, you may now begin to increase your stay in the sauna to about 20 minutes, 25 minutes and then ultimately achieve the recommend sauna session maximum time – 30 minutes.

Yes 30 minutes is all the time you need to spend in your sauna to achieve the best possible results as far as your health is concerned.

30 minutes is just all you need after all to achieve your health goal.

Anything above 30 minutes may not be good for you (you will be dehydrated – that’s not good for you.

It is better to stay less than 30 minutes than to stay more than.

So, staying too long in the sauna may just be one of the reasons you don’t feel good after your session.

Pro tip: It takes a far infrared sauna about 25 minutes to kill viruses (i.e coronavirus and other SARS) at about 56 degrees Celsius (that’s 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit).


You May Have Been Dehydrated

why do i feel worse after infrared saunaInexperienced sauna users risk dehydration.

Of course, one good reason to use infrared sauna is so that you will sweat (and get rid of toxins), but when you have reached your breaking point and you still continued in the sauna, you will risk dehydration.

That’s one reason you feel worse after each of your sauna sessions.

So why do I feel worse after infrared sauna?

It is because you did not drink plenty of water before your sauna session.

You cannot do sauna with little or no water in your stomach.

That is even putting your life at a risk.

Pro tip: Drink plenty of water 10 to 30 minutes before you go in for your sauna session to avoid dehydration. Never, do your sauna without having your stomach full of water.

Then re-hydrate quickly as soon as you are out of your session.

This will even make you sweat some more.

Remember, you are going on a 30 minutes sweat journey – the sauna session.



It May Be Because Your Sauna’s Too Hot

why do i feel worse after infrared saunaToday, most saunas, far infrared saunas come with adjustable temperature level.

And not all temperature level are going to be convenient for you, you must have to find the sauna temperature level that you are comfortable in.

So should be doing your sauna at a temperature level that is more than your body can bear, then you will certainly feel worse after your sauna session.

You should adjust temperature level that fits your body constitution; thankfully, the far infrared sauna affords you the pleasure and flexibility to choose temperature level.

So experiment with all temperature level and then come to settle with one you’re most comfortable in.

So, it may be that you have been doing your sauna with a temperature that your body cannot take.

Typically, the ideal temperature for infrared sauna should be 48.9 – 60 degrees Celsius (120 -140 degrees Fahrenheit)

Your ideal sauna temperature will be anything in between 120-140 degrees F.

Find your spot.


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So Why Do I Feel Worse After Infrared Sauna

In summary, here are the reasons why you feel worse after your infrared sauna session

1. Your body is not used to infrared sauna yet

2. The sauna just induced your body with artificial fever

3. You’re staying in the sauna for too long

4. You may have been dehydrated.

5. Your sauna temperature is too hot for you.


Some 11 Health Benefits of far Infrared Sauna

why do i feel worse after infrared saunaFor a quick take, here are some far infrared sauna benefits that you should know.

1. Far infrared ray helps kills bacterial and viruses by increasing cellular energy production

2. It helps to boost and strengthen the immune system

3. It detoxifies the body through perspiration

4. It helps with increase blood flow

5. It helps activate increased in cell production

6. It boosts and supplies cells with oxygen

7. It helps with relaxation

8. It helps with pain relief by increasing blood flow to areas of low energy (pain area of the body)

9. It helps fight stress, fatigues and insomnia by inducing deep sleep

10. Far infrared sauna helps improves heart and cardiovascular performance

11. Far infrared ray helps to stimulate white blood cells and increase antibodies against viruses and bacteria.



Final word

So, why do you feel worse after infrared sauna session?

It obviously must be either one or all of the reasons given above.

But don’t worry, you will get used to your sauna and the feelings will either go away or your body will just adjust to it.

But to help yourself, ensure that you check with the points in this post on why you feel worse after every of your sauna session.

It may just be that you are not adhering to infrared sauna best practices.

These simple tips if adhered to will help you get the best out of your infrared sauna session always.

Stay hydrated, keep your sauna temperature moderate, and don’t stay in it for too long.

You will do well if you keep these simple practices.

Enjoy your sauna and stay healthy.

Health is wealth!

All the best!

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